Ten Post Round-Up: Tuesday, September 9

Thank goodness for football season.  I get to root for my favorite team and forget about politics for a few hours.

Still working on that light political, high carbonated news diet, for this week.  But, today’s Ten Post Round-Up is probably a little heavier on the political scale than I was hoping for…but news, is news, so I go with it.  I’m currently uninspired to offer up a video for the day.  I’ll try and do better, tomorrow.

  • Colorado is facing an election scandal that involves the (former) Elections Director and now some Coloradoans are asking for the SOS to step down, too.  November is going to be very interesting and not in a good way.
  • The next time somebody calls you “chicken s%!#”, tell them, “at least I’m helping the environment!”.
  • Colbert offers himself to our future alien overlords.
  • Another case of IOKIYAR: Bank failure edition

(originally posted at: The Sirens Chronicles)

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