Uproar of the Day: McCain’s Double Standard

It was okay for John McCain to reference Hillary Clinton’s healthcare plan some months ago and say: “I think they put some lipstick on a pig, but it’s still a pig,” he said of her proposal. But suddenly when Barack Obama says something similar about John McCain, it’s first an assault on Sarah Palin and then on McCain.

Really… We need grow up here and the McCain campaign needs to get they can’t pull this double standard B.S..

Barack Obama did not call Sarah Palin or John McCain a pig.  Jake Tapper has it right:

It seems to me we should have one rule. If Obama was calling Palin a pig, then McCain was calling Hillary Clinton one. If McCain wasn’t, then Obama wasn’t.

Let’s get on with talking about the issues in this election instead of this sort of silly distraction. Oh… Wait a minute, I forgot, the McCain camp doesn’t want to talk about the issues. The Republican party prefers distraction over substance and that’s why this country is in such a damn mess.

UPDATE: Glenn Greenwald sums up the lipstick on a pig debate brilliantly: “New heights of stupidity.”

It isn’t surprising that the McCain campaign wants this sort of tawdry, Freak Show/Reality Show vapidity to determine the outcome of the election. If you were them, wouldn’t you want that, too? And though it’s not news that establishment media outlets are so easily and happily manipulated by these tactics, tactics which enable them to cover “stories” which their empty-headed reporters can easily comprehend, it is still striking to watch the now-decades-old process unfold and observe how absolutely nothing has changed:  (Read on…)

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One Response to Uproar of the Day: McCain’s Double Standard

  1. John says:

    Mccain’s biggest weakness is the fact that he’s a militant. If you do enough research, you’ll find tons of clips and quotes where people have said that Mccain’s first instinct is always to go to war. Many said it sends shivers down their spines when they think about him being in control of the military.  Obama needs to create ads to show these quotes and show America the scary consequences of letting Mccain be in charge. Mccain has the potential to bring dark ages and unimaginable devastation to the economy and world peace. People care about economy, Obama needs to let them know that when Mccain attacks Iran, the world would go into an economic depression (oil prices will go out of control). He needs to show people how scary Mccain is. The strategy of comparing him to Bush is not working. People simply are not going to buy the comparison because he is in fact NOT Bush and has a reputation of being a “maveric.” Obama needs to show people how much more dangerous and radical Mccain is than Bush. He needs to start by showing Mccains’s video “bomb, bomb, bomb Iran..”