Stephanie Cutter Responds to John McCain’s Hypocrisy on Women

Chief of staff and senior advisor to Michelle Obama, Stephanie Cutter responded today to John McCain’s hypocrisy on the “lipstick on a pig” controversy. Watch Stephanie Cutter here:   The whole thing is one big faux controvesy and McCain is proving once again that’s nothing but a hypocrite. McCain fails … Continue reading

Quote of the Day

Meghan McCain didn’t get the memo to be outraged on her father’s behalf over the “lipstick on a pig” controversy cooked up by the McCain camp: “I’ve heard my dad say that, the term ‘lipstick on a pig,’” McCain said during an appearance on Fox promoting her new children’s book … Continue reading

Alaska First

A lot has been said in the mainstream media about Sarah Palin’s positions on various points of policy. As television viewers we have been subjected to hearing trivial items about her life such as winning a beauty pageant two decades ago from some no name town of a few thousand … Continue reading

Having McCain by the Balls

Here we go. The christianist right has never liked McCain. The christianist right wasn’t happy with McCain as the GOP nominee. The christianist right (specifically the Council for National Policy) wanted Palin on the ticket and — surprise! — McCain picked her. Palin, a member of the christianist right, has … Continue reading

Call: Unsportsmanlike Conduct on McCain Campaign

The sleeze is flying from the McCain camp: It’s going to be a long ugly 2 months as we settle into general election season and the lies and insults are flying from the right wing and Republican presidential candidate John McCain. McClatchy News, one of the few fair and balanced … Continue reading

Argument Vs. Counterargument

I fell behind on my reading last week due to my site’s move and the mild coma I lapsed into thanks to the Republican National Convention. But getting back into it, I find a piece by Sean Quinn at Five Thirty Eight that points out the seemingly obvious (but somehow often overlooked) … Continue reading