Alaska First

A lot has been said in the mainstream media about Sarah Palin’s positions on various points of policy. As television viewers we have been subjected to hearing trivial items about her life such as winning a beauty pageant two decades ago from some no name town of a few thousand people. However, very little has been said about her loose affilation with the Alaskan Independence Party (AIP) while Governor of the State of Alaska.

The first question most people outside of Alaska would have is what is the Alaskan Independence Party anyway? Some people view the AIP as a political party entrenched in separatism similar to the Bloc Quebecois in Canada. The AIP is deeply rooted in state’s rights superseding the needs and wants of the federal government. The ultimate goal of the AIP is for the voters in Alaska to have another chance to vote on whether Alaska should remain as a state, return to territorial status, become a commonwealth like Puerto Rico is or become their own separate nation. My impression is that many members of the AIP want to have commonwealth status because they would retain American citizenship, but have more control over their natural resources.

Earlier this year Gov. Palin addressed the AIP convention from a distance with a welcoming video at their convention in Fairbanks. This action alone shows very poor judgment on her part no matter what political leanings she has. First of all, why would someone from the Republican Party want to gather support from a fringe third party that has less than 5% of total voter registration within the state? Why would a governor in a major political party want to be associated with a political organization that views secession as a viable option if you have any ambitions to run for political office at the federal level in the future?

I am willing to accept that Gov. Palin has been continually registered as a Republican since the 1980’s. However, it is irresponsible and politically foolish for a governor that represents either of the two major parties to have any sort of political affiliation with and/or pander to a fringe third party. When she does things like this, it is natural for a voter to feel that she may be registered as a Republican as a matter of political convenience. At the very least this shows that she represents the very far right-wing of the Republican Party and has little in common with moderate Republicans and independent minded voters.

If the McCain/Palin ticket wins the 2008 election, where will the loyalties of Sarah Palin be? I have a strong belief that her heart and soul resides with looking out for what is best for Alaska instead of what is best for America. Sarah Palin may very well put “Alaska First” instead of “Country First” if she ever becomes the chief executive of our nation.

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