Forget the Lipstick… The Wolves Are Out Now

Everyone’s still talking about the “lipstick on a pig,” and Hillary Clinton jumped into the mix today to add her two cents:

Barack has made this clear,” she said responding to a question about the lipstick remark, which Republicans have condemned as a “disgraceful” and “sexist” attack on Palin. “It was no way meant as an affront.” 
During the press conference, which addressed equal pay for women, Clinton added that “Republicans need to lift up the dialogue” and blamed McCain’s campaign for trying to “divert attention away from challenges facing Americans.”

The media is itching for Hillary Clinton to haul off on Palin, but she’s not buying into that game and rightly so because it’s the issues that count in this election and Clinton gets that:

Asked about Palin and her candidacy, Clinton responded only that the campaign should be about the issues. “What I see as critical in this election … are the differences over issues.” She added, “What happens in people’s lives is what really counts… That’s what it should be about.”
Clinton and fellow Democratic Sen. Tom Harkin held the press conference to discuss the findings of a new GAO report on the enforcement of anti-discrimination laws. When asked if Clinton was disappointed that Palin had not raised equal pay issues on the campaign trail, she directed her fire at McCain. Clinton said it is assumed that the VP nominee is in sync with the presidential candidate’s views, reminding reporters John McCain voted against it. “McCain is at the top of the ticket,” she said. “And we know where he stands on equal pay.”

Forget about the lipstick kerfluffle though because now the wolves are out and the McCain camp’s latest ad makes grand use of Sarah Palin as the “victim” of wolves attacking her record.

McCain’s use of this angle comes off as curious in the “post-feminist world” where Sarah Palin “has held herself up as a pit bull/reformer while wearing lipstick.” One has to wonder, as Kate Phillips did on The Caucus, if Palin would “want to be portrayed that way.” I know I sure as wouldn’t.

It’s all smoke and mirrors. The McCain doesn’t want to talk about the issues, because his stance won’t fly with American’s who want real change and they know that. Even today as McCain held an event without Palin at his side, the McCain camp could not seem to keep a hold on who showed up:

After lunching with a roundtable of women at Philadelphia’s Down Home Diner, McCain shook hands with supporters and strode up to a podium to deliver a statement. But as he spoke, chants of “Obama, Obama, Obama” filled the room.

Reporters craned forward trying to hear the Arizona senator. Unfortunately for McCain — and possibly overlooked by aides who planned the event — a section of the diner opened up to a market where a crowd had gathered behind a cordon.

Better luck next time McCain, the voters really don’t want more of the same.

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3 Responses to Forget the Lipstick… The Wolves Are Out Now

  1. Melanie Braithwaite says:

    Funny, I thought it was Palin after the wolves, as in aerial gunning them down until they were exhausted and/or dead.  Personally, I am pulling for the wolves.

  2. kim rice says:

    Oil, Oil, Oil!America, wake up and smell the coffee.We have been asking ourselves, what in the world does Mc Cain want with Palin?  Alaskan Oil! Duh!  He wants his greasy fingers on every drop of Alaskan Oil.  Rep. Oil tycoons have gotten filthy, stinking, rich over the last 8 years. Gov. Palin is being pimped and Americans are her John.  We should have learned by now not to believe the Rep Oil tycoons from Washington, D.C.  Enough is enough!  Bush is a Texas our tycoon and so is/was members of his staff.  People please!  Don’t we know by now that the Rep. have no shame when it come to them cashing their oil revenue checks.  Hell, most of them own or have stock in oil companies.  They want big business to stay like it is so that they can pander Alaskan Oil to Texaco, Shell, Exxon Mobile, etc…. And who do you think will get screwed at the gas pump.  us and US! 

  3. Barb says:

    Yep, I think McCain and his cronies have their eyes on oil. Oil companies are not known for their compassion, but — really — what major company is? Remember, anyone can buy stock in most oil companies as they’re publicly traded; and shareholders, even if you only own one share, can vote and participate in the process. We need, however, a candidate who looks toward the FUTURE — someone who will HYPER FOCUS on alternative energies — I do NOT see the McCain-Palin ticket doing this!Palin is especially one of those who says “God will provide.” Sure, but there is a limit to what Mother Earth can give out!