Ten Post Round-Up: Wednesday, September 10

Whoops!  Got a little chatty with the ol’ ball n’ chain the ol’ man SSG Dizzy, today, then got caught up in a lot of necessary real life stuff.  Who knew growing a rock could be so much work (true story)?  Except for that time of month, “better late than never”, I always say.

Today’s Ten Post Round-Up includes everybody’s favorite VP candidate (almost wet my pants writing that one), drugs and even swinging (I’m referring to golf.  What did you think I was referring to?).  Since I’m in a good mood, I found this great McCain debate that I just thought you had to see.

  • She gave up on the bridge, built a useless road instead…
  • Do you know where your hot dogs were made?

(originally posted at: The Sirens Chronicles)

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