Ten Post Round-Up: Thursday, September 11

Unlike some folks, I actually look forward to work to get me away from blogging (as opposed to looking forward to blogging to wind down from work).  It’s not the blogging so much as the news.  And, when politics are involved, I really need a night or two away from the blogosphere.  Truthfully, it’s kind of like crack to me and like any addict, I know that I need to walk away but, sometimes, I just can’t.  I know they say that “crack is whack”, but “blogosphere,…I don’t know how to quit you!”  I guess I’ll try Pink Russian transference (the withdrawal symptoms will hurt a whole lot less).

Today’s Ten Post Round-Up seems like more of the same ol’ same ol’…but with a side salad and glass of clear spring water (in a glass, not a bottle, of course).  I wasn’t feeling any kind of musical vibe, so I thought I would share this YouTube posted by Robert at Left of Centrist.

  • Spending taxpayer money on a study to see how much it would cost to replace cracked marble on the tomb of the unknown soldier vs accepting a donation of the necessary marble to fix the tomb.  Guess which one the government picked.

(originally posted at: The Sirens Chronicles)

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