Back From The Beach and More

So… I snuck away to the beach for a few days and ignored the news. I didn’t turn on the TV, I barely checked the news online and I only once looked at the newspaper. What a great escape. The weather was fine, I got lot’s of rest and I’ll need it in the week to come, because I’ll be guest posting over at Taylor Marsh’s place from Monday through Friday. I have to say that I am really flattered that Taylor asked me to fill in for her while she’s taking care of some business.

While I was resting out at the beach…

Hurricane Ike pounded Texas and prices at the pumps soared immediately after Ike hit. 

Either Karl Rove is off his rocker or “porcine” political operative’s fly these days, because Rove said today that “Sen. John McCain had gone “one step too far” in some of his recent ads attacking Sen. Barack Obama.”

Ever since McCain picked Palin things have been kind of dicey for Obama in the polls. Some think Obama should shake things up. I’m not sure that I agree, but truth is, Dems have got to take the edge off of Palin dominating the news cycle. Enough is enough. Obama did rake in the $$$ in August. Keep it coming

Terry McAuliffe for Governor? Rumor has it that McAuliffe might just run for the VA seat.

Finally, the was a tragic train wreck here in Los Angeles on Friday. It’s been reported that the passenger train’s engineer was texting teen train enthusiasts right before the crash. I’m not a fan of texting or cell phones to be honest. Although California has a new “hands free” law in effect, it’s astounding to see how many people are still yapping on their phones while driving. While I was on the freeway Thursday, I passed a woman who was holding her phone with both hands, clearly texting, while doing 60 in heavy traffic. Talk about enough is enough. Isn’t it time we stop the addiction to instant communication and started saving lives?

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