Biden Hits Hard

Democratic VP nominee Joe Biden was on the stump today hitting McCain in a speech that draws the battle lines showing that a McCain presidency “would amount to a third Bush term.”

In recent weeks, Biden has received less attention from the media than his counterpart Sarah Palin, but today’s speech, Politico reports, “seems to be intended to integrate him more into the broader campaign strategy and to use him as a super-surrogate to take high-profile hits at McCain.”

The campaign is emphasizing Biden’s unique standing to deliver those hits, based on his longtime relationship with the Arizona senator, stretching back to the early 1970s when McCain served as Biden’s Navy liaison to the Senate Foreign Relations Committee.

Referring to the attack ads against Obama from the McCain camp, Biden said today, “The campaign a person runs says everything about the way they’ll govern. John McCain has decided to bet the house on the politics perfected by Karl Rove.”

McCain “is now launching a low blow a day,” Biden said. […]

Biden said he came to McCain’s defense in 2000 when the Republican came under attack from Bush operatives and supporters who spread “scurrilous” rumors about him in the primary campaign. “And now, some of the very same people and the tactics he once deplored, his campaign now employs.”

It’s great to see Joe Biden out there on the defensive today. As Alex Koppelman stated on Salon’s War Room, “Biden manages to slip the knife into McCain with humor, not anger, while remaining deadly serious about the big issues.”

Keep it coming Joe… Keep it coming. Biden is scheduled to give another hard hitting speech next Monday that will be a “critique of McCain’s foreign policy views.”

UPDATE: The full text of Joe Biden’s speech is here.

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2 Responses to Biden Hits Hard

  1. Darrell Prows says:

    I’m not sure I understand this variety of campaigning. How do speeches heard by a few thousabd people win an election? Isn’t the way to win this thing a concentrated ad blitz designed to over come the McCain financial position?

  2. alrudder says:

    Darrell, these speeches are carried in local media in the key states.  It is part of the communications mix.I saw a lot of the speech and Biden was right on.  Criticizing McCain for his votes on economics issues, and makign an affirmative case for the Democrats.I only give Biden an A- though.  Next time he gives a rally to union members, he needs to take off his French cuffs, and roll up his sleeves 😉