Obama Camp Files Injunction Over Alleged Voter Suppression in MI

No election in recent history would be complete with out the Republicans trying to rig it. The Obama camp wasted no time jumping on this one:

On afternoon conference call, Obama and Michigan Democratic officials say they’re seeking an injunction to block alleged “caging” by the state GOP — using home foreclosure lists to seek to block residents from voting.

Obama counsel Bob Bauer: “It is an absolute attack on their right to vote” and a “completely false and completely illegal basis” to challenge votes.

“This is a standard operating procedure within the Republican party that’s been under legal challenge.”

Listen to a clip of the call here.

The Macomb party chair denies the comments attributed to him.

Brad Blog has a lot more on the injunction and the conference call. Brad notes:

The irony of today’s announced lawsuit is that just yesterday, the McCain campaign launched what they are calling — presumably with a straight face — their “Honest and Open Election Committee” and a website to go with it on which they make a number of claims about “transparency” and “zero tolerance for fraud.”

I don’t know how the McCain campaign can say anything with a straight face any more. They’ve been caught in so many lies, it’s beyond ridiculous. Watch for more tricks as we near election day from the GOP, as we all know by now, they won’t go down with out a fight or some attempted voter suppression and fraud.

UPDATE: I want to throw in a couple of other worthy links for late night readers to check out and discuss…

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Sean Penn: Country First (or, How The Media Loves A Lipsticked Rumsfeld)

– And last but not least, if you missed Obama’s speech on the economy today, it was awesome. Watch & read it here.

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One Response to Obama Camp Files Injunction Over Alleged Voter Suppression in MI

  1. DOUGLAS FIELD says:

    YES SENATOR OBAMA , SPEAK FROM YOUR HEART AND THE AMERICAN PEOPLE WILL TRUST YOUR LEADERSHIP ?? THE LEADERS OF THE FREE WORLD WITH THE # 1 ECONOMY IN THE WORLD , DO NOT WANT TO OFFER REAL JUSTICE TO EVERY AMERICAN WITHIN OUR US JUDICIAL SYSTEM ??? SENATOR OBAMA, PLEASE GIVE AMERICA ~ A DOSE OF REALITY ON THIS HORROR OF JUDICIAL INJUSTICE THAT HAS BECOME AN AMERICAN ART FORM,AND NOW CAN NO LONGER CAN BE KEPT HIDDEN OR SECRET FROM THE AMERICAN PEOPLE ??? LETS ALL HOPE OUR MEDIA FRIENDS CONTINUE TO SHOW AN INTEREST IN REPORTING ON THIS AMERICAN HORROR FACING THESE (TENS OF THOUSANDS) FORGOTTEN AND TRAPPED POORER AMERICANS, AND HOW THIS PRESIDENTIAL CONTENDER HANDLES THIS VERY SERIOUS ISSUE FACING AMERICA’S LATINO AND BLACK AMERICAN COMMUNITIES ?? WITH 80% OF THE BLACK AMERICAN VOTERS SAYING THEY SUPPORT SENATOR OBAMA IN THIS PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION, IT IS ONLY FAIR FOR EVERYONE TO KNOW PRIOR BEING ELECTED OUR NEXT PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES HOW THIS DEMOCRATIC SENATOR TRULY FEELS ABOUT THIS AMERICAN JUDICIAL INJUSTICE CONTINUING TO INFLICT GRAVE HARM ON THE BLACK & LATINO AMERICAN FAMILIES AND THEIR COMMUNITIES NATIONWIDE ??? *** WHEN GOD’S FACE BECAME VERY RED *** THE US SUPREME COURT GAVE ENEMY COMBATANTS FEDERAL APPEAL HC RIGHTS LAWYERS AND PROPER ACCESS TO US FEDERAL COURTS,AND POORER AMERICANS (MANY EVEN ON DEATH ROW) ARE DENIED PROPER FEDERAL APPEAL LEGAL REPRESENTATION TO OUR US FEDERAL COURTS OF APPEAL, AND ROTTING IN AMERICAN PRISONS NATIONWIDE ???? **** INNOCENT AMERICANS ARE DENIED REAL HC RIGHTS WITH THEIR FEDERAL APPEALS ! THE AMERICAN PEOPLE ARE $LOWLY FINDING OUT HOW EA$Y IT I$ FOR MIDDLE CLA$$ AND WORKING POOR AMERICAN$ TO FALL VICTIM TO OUR U$ MONETARY JUDICIAL $Y$TEM. ****WHEN THE US INNOCENT WERE ABANDONED BY THE GUILTY **** The prison experts have reported that there are 100,000 innocent Americans currently being falsely imprisoned along with the 2,300,000 total US prison population nationwide. Since our US Congress has never afforded poor prison inmates federal appeal legal counsel for their federal retrials,they have effectively closed the doors on these tens of thousands of innocent citizens ever being capable of possibly exonerating themselves to regain their freedom through being granted new retrials. This same exact unjust situation was happening in our Southern States when poor and mostly uneducated Black Americans were being falsely imprisoned for endless decades without the needed educational skills to properly submit their own written federal trial appeals. This devious and deceptive judicial process of making our poor and innocent prison inmates formulate and write their own federal appeal legal cases for possible retrials on their state criminal cases,is still in effect today even though everyone in our US judicial system knows that without proper legal representation, these tens of thousands of innocent prison inmates will be denied their rightful opportunities of ever being granted new trials from our federal appeal judges!! Sadly, the true US *legal* Federal Appeal situation that occurs when any of our uneducated American prison inmates are forced to attempt to submit their own written Federal Appeals (from our prisons nationwide) without the assistance of proper legal counsel, is that they all are in reality being denied their legitimate rights for Habeas Corpus and will win any future Supreme Court Case concerning this injustice! For our judicial system and our US Congressional Leaders Of The Free World to continue to pretend that this is a real and fair opportunity for our American Middle Class and Working Poor Citizens, only delays the very needed future change of Federal Financing of all these Federal appeals becoming a normal formula of Our American judicial system. It was not so very long ago that Public Defenders became a Reality in this country.Prior that legal reality taking place, their were also some who thought giving anyone charged with a crime a free lawyer was a waste of taxpayers $$. This FACADE and HORROR of our Federal Appeal proce$$ is not worthy of the Greatest Country In The World! ***GREAT SOCIETIES THAT DO NOT PROTECT EVEN THEIR INNOCENT, BECOME THE GUILTY! A MUST READ ABOUT AMERICAN INJUSTICE: 1) YAHOO AND 2) GOOGLE MANNY GONZALES THE KID THAT EVERYONE FORGOT IN THE CA PRISON SYSTEM. ** A JUDICIAL RIDE OF ONES LIFE !