Morning Coffee Break: Tall Tales and Tales of Woe

I’m adding an extra shot of espresso to my daily dose of java today because in order to keep up with the tall tales a spinning in this election cycle and the tales of woe pouring out in the news like rain, I need an extra shot today.

Gov. Sarah Palin has flunked the Pinocchio Test and the WaPo has awarded her with “Four Pinocchios” for continuing to tell “real whoppers,” on the stump.

She’s a real piece of work in my opinion. Wednesday night Palin took questions at a town hall meeting in Michigan. When “asked for “specific skills” she could cite to rebut critics who question her grasp of international affairs,” her reply was simply, “I am prepared.” Prepared for what?

I have that confidence. I have that readiness,” Palin said. “And if you want specifics with specific policies or countries, you can go ahead and ask me. You can play ‘stump the candidate’ if you want to. But we are ready to serve.”

Not exactly confidence inspiring. What readiness does she have exactly? Maybe she can shoot a moose if it walks into the White House, but what else is she bringing to the table?

FEMA is under fire once again. This time for “snafus” after Hurricane Ike. There will be no blaming Brownie this time around. Could it just be that the Bush administration is still asleep on the job, or simply doesn’t give a rat’s tail about the little people.

Speaking of Hurricane Ike, the media is finally getting in and reporting the grim news. AP News reports: “Some of Ike’s missing may have washed away.” Good lord, how could America let this happen again. There is no excuse after Katrina. No excuse.

Everyone’s worried about the Wall Street crisis. The Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. launched a new web site this week, “to explain to consumers exactly how much of the money they have in deposit accounts is protected.” Maybe it’s time to be stuffing the mattress? Wait… Say what… The pennies left in your pocket will be too lumpy to sleep on. I hear that.

Wall Street. The crisis on Wall Street is serving up “Just Deserts,” for the corporate ho’s, the “Bush administration and congressional Republicans” who have turned their back on America. It’s time to “invest in the United States of America.”

For the past decade and, in a broader sense, for the entire duration of the Reagan era, both government and Wall Street have opted not to. Should Barack Obama win, the era of neglectful government will probably come to an end. No matter who wins, Wall Street is vanishing before our eyes. And by the measure of their contribution to America’s economic strength and well being, both Reagan-age government and Wall Street’s investment banks plainly deserve to die.

It’s a fine mess we’re all in. A fine mess. You know there’s a problem when Swiss bankers are sending out research notes pleading “Stop The Insanity.” Stop the insanity, indeed.

Some days I think I should just pull the covers over my head instead of adding an extra shot of espresso to my morning cup.

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