Ten Post Round-Up: Aargh! Edition

I totally slipped up not posting, yesterday.  I had to get a new phone and my dealer hooked me up with the lastest form of crack, also known as the Blackberry (Curve, flavored).  I just want to thank John McCain
for making that possible

I started researchin’ for today’s Ten Post Round-Up and I had this whole “opposite day” theme planned. Then, I realized that today be “International Talk Like A Pirate Day” and decided that I would run with t’ pirate theme instead and save t’ “opposite day” theme for some other day that I will likely forget in t’ future.

In keepin’ with today’s theme, I humbly offer you Rex Smith, Linda Ronstadt and Kevin Kline: Pirates of Penzance – Modern Major General for your enjoyment.


(originally posted at: The Sirens Chronicles)

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