McCain Aide Schmidt Blasts New York Times on Conference Call and Gets Smacked Down

McCain aide Rick Davis wasn’t too happy today about being called out by the NY Times, on his ties to Fannie & Freddie and particularly the role he “played in helping Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac beat back regulatory challenges when he served as president of their advocacy group, the Homeownership Alliance, formed in the summer of 2000.”

Davis and fellow McCain aide Steve Schmidt took out their frustrations on the NY Times on a conference today:

Marc Ambinder has some of the text from the call here. Schmidt was just a tad “touchy” about “about being pegged as liars.” Ben Smith noted on Politico that “the call was so rife with simple, often inexplicable misstatements of fact that it may have had the opposite effect: to deepen the perception, dangerous to McCain, that he and his aides have little regard for factual accuracy.”

Liar, Liar… More than pants are on fire at this point. The audacity is glaring. Politico reports:

Bill Keller, the newspaper’s executive editor, said in a statement of response: “The New York Times is committed to covering the candidates fully, fairly  and aggressively. It’s our job to ask hard questions, fact-check their statements and their advertising, examine their programs, positions, biographies and advisors. Candidates and their campaign operatives are not  always comfortable with that level of scrutiny, but it’s what our readers expect and deserve.”

Bill Burton, the Obama campaign’s national press secretary, called Schmidt’s accusation laughable, and said the Times had published more than 40 “probing stories … over the course of the campaign about Barack Obama, his life, his religion, his childhood, his politics, his time in the state Senate, his time in the U.S. Senate, his family, his religion, his friends, his fundraising and all other manner of associations.”

Me thinks this one has come back to hit the McCain camp in the face with a loud smack or maybe a boomerang. Schmidt has jumped the Shark. Voters need to wake up to the reality that we’ll get nothing but lies from a McCain presidency.

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4 Responses to McCain Aide Schmidt Blasts New York Times on Conference Call and Gets Smacked Down

  1. Bugs says:

    Yet another distraction offered up by an increasingly desperate campaign of lies served up by lying liars.

  2. Bugs

    At least we are seeing members of the media calling them what are – liars. Now the voters who still buy into their lies need to wake up and smell the coffee.

  3. John says:

    This McCain aide comes off as hysterical. It’s it’s a typical neocon strategy to give a tongue-lashing to reporters whenever news surfaces that they don’t like. McCain is a politician and he would like to control the flow of information in the media. But the way he and his coterie go about it shows an extremist tinge. Please, keep these people far from the White House.As the article points out, Obama has also been investigated many times by the Times.The only party in the USA with its own pet major news outlet is the Republican party, with Fox News.Ayhers, Rezko & Wright have all been investigated by the Times and many other news media. That is how you all know about them. They have received extensive coverage, even on TV. But a single article delving into Rick Davis’ background is somehow unfair. McCain and Co. simply want a free ride. But they’re happy about media attacks on their opponents.By creating needless hysteria regarding mainstream news media, the McCainites recklessly undermine one of the pillars of democracy, the fair and independent press. If the McCainites really put country first, would they hamstring faith in its institutions for personal gain? This aide’s outburst is an extremist, radical diatribe. When the New Yorker published an offensive cartoon on its cover, featuring Obama (and his wife, for cryin’ out loud!!) as terrorists, he complained, but he didn’t claim it was part of a “media conspiracy”! The last thing we need is another president rubbing elbows with the lunatic fringe radical neo-Con wing, wearing away at the cornerstones of democracy.

  4. Joe Brafford says:

    As a simple taxpayer, I’m trying to understand.  Yesterday on CNN, Hillary Rosen said Republicans were to blame for the current economic crisis.  Could she please tell me specifically what the Republicans uniquely did that caused this problem. I know that Bush has been the president for the past 8 years and Republicans were the majority in Congress prior to 2006, but what specifically did they do to cause this mess? Please specifically address John McCain’s role as well. Also, what did the following people do or not do that exonerates them from having any responsibility for this:
    President Jimmy CarterPresident Bill ClintonSen Barney FrankSen Chris DoddSen John KerryThe Congressional Black Caucus 
    Thank you in advance for your response.  I’m looking forward to hearing your explanation.  Perhaps if people could understand more about these things, it would be easier to decide how to vote.