Ten Post Round-Up

Wow. I’m suffering from a lack of wit, today.  Just like your average political candidate, I’m feeling pretty much like I’m full of sh…um…stuff that I appear to be having trouble expressing.

Despite the new network television shows premiering this week, I still can’t get enough of the Obama-McCain show.  I really love those hard-hitting reality shows.  It will be a shame when this season is over.

(Excuse me, while I put some ice on my nose…almost knocked over my laptop with that last whopper!)

On the plus side, there is plenty of reality in today’s Ten Post Round-Up.  You might find some whoppers in there, too.

Before we proceed, please take a gander at the latest episode of “So You Think You Can Dance”: The Presidential Candidates.


(originally posted at: The Sirens Chronicles)

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