Obama Latest Ad: ‘A Stronger Economy’

The NY Times reports that members of Congress indicated earlier today that “they were close to hashing out an agreement on a proposed $700 billion bailout of the financial system, hours before a meeting at the White House to complete the deal.” There’s no doubt about it, our financial system … Continue reading

Ten Post Round-Up

Today’s Ten Post Round-Up is still lacking in wit.  I am still kind of smarting from the fact that my internet connection was down when I logged on this morning.  I’m pretty much doing my impersonation of “Grumpy” right now, since I am woefully behind schedule. I prefer myself when … Continue reading

Letterman Thrashes McCain After McCain Cancels Appearance Then Show Up With Couric

David Letterman received a personal phone call from McCain explaining that he had cancel his scheduled appearance to rush to Washington to save the economy. Fine, that’s a reasonable excuse. Letterman was peeved at the whole thing and the beginning of this video shows that clearly. After the show had … Continue reading