Letterman Thrashes McCain After McCain Cancels Appearance Then Show Up With Couric

David Letterman received a personal phone call from McCain explaining that he had cancel his scheduled appearance to rush to Washington to save the economy. Fine, that’s a reasonable excuse. Letterman was peeved at the whole thing and the beginning of this video shows that clearly.

After the show had started, his staff found out that McCain was actually just down the hall taping an interview with Katie Couric. Letterman even cut into the live feed to show the audience. He also shouted questions at the screen. Amazing.

This is a piece of classic self-destruction by John McCain.


First he says, by his actions, that he can’t handle two important things at once; The Economy and The Debate. If that’s true then he ‘s manfestly unqualified to be President. The President has to be able, if he’s to be successful, of handling a helluva lot more than two things at once.

I’ve said in other places that I think this could be the most self-destructive thing that McCain could do to his own campaign. BTW: This side effort to cancel the VP debate is so transparent he’s going to get flack from his own party.

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