The Obama Address to the Clinton Global Initiative

At about 7:30am Pacific Barack Obama addressed the Clinton Global Initiative. After addressing his well known requirements of the financial bill being created in Washington D.C., he put forth other issues.

He committed, again, to a $15 Billion investment each year for 10 years, a total of $150 Billion, in energy research and development for alternative energy. He specifically mentioned plug-in cars which presumes assistance with the auto industry. [Note: At end of this article on the flip of a great source of very advanced alternative energy research and some information of that research.]

Obama also committed himself to eliminating malaria in Africa by 2015 in cooperation with an international efforts. He specifically mentioned the simply distribution of mosquito nets through-out Africa to have a major impact. In fact, we’ve all seen commercials from an NGO (non-governmental organization) that has that specific mission. Augmenting that mission with US and Multi-National funds and leadership will multiply the impact of that effort.

Obama also committed the US, and in concert with other nations, with the wide spread inexpensive medications distributed throughout the continent to expand that disease prevention effort.

[As a personal aside: Imagine a child dying from a completely preventable disease. Imagine if it were one of our children or grandchildren. The situation is that dire.]

There were a number of other commitments and talking points but I admit I simply can’t take notes and get the message at the same time. Once a transcript is available it will be posted.

[ENERGY RESEARCH: Since a significant majority of the grid electricity in the US is generated by coal plants, therefore, a dramatic increase in plug-in electric cars presumes very fast and concurrent work on true clean coal power generation. This not-so-small element of a known technology that needs massive improvement is seldom mentioned. One of the best sources of advanced, and detailed, analysis of energy issue is the Webber Group in Texas. I can’t find his specific post since it was some posted some time ago. His study groups blog is the source, by students doing research work, of truly advanced concepts and ideas that none of us have heard about it previously. These efforts are being distributed nationally in scientific meetings.i highly recommend this blog. It isn’t updated every day but it is worth keeping in on your list. For instance, have you heard of Kite generated power? Really, kites! It was facinating. ]

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  1. Jamie Holts says:

    Thanks for posting the article, was certainly a great read!