Amazing Extended Video About McCain’s Health (short version banned)

The 60 second version of this video has been withdrawn by MSNBC and refused by Fox and CNN. Watch this longer video that goes into detail about the questions of his health. This video asks questions by doctors and in a very specific manner. This site is called The Real John McCain. There is a petition to support the demand for complete health information.

While McCain’s campaign has released nearly 1200 pages of medical information. Reporters, even medical doctors, were limited to 3 hours to examine all nearly 1200 pages with no electronic devices, photos or cel phones allowed. That was an amazing tactic that effectively eliiminated the entire topic. This video has some specific medical information that was new to this nearly full time political junkie. Amazing stuff.

Imagine Sara Palin jammed into the Oval Office. That’s a fightening prospect.

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One Response to Amazing Extended Video About McCain’s Health (short version banned)

  1. Seeing that Senator McCain is 72 and has cancer, we deerve to have the full story on his health.  This is even more important since he exercised entirely poor judgement in selecting Sarah Palin as his VP.   The very thought of this know-nothing as our commander-in-chief is a total nightmare!!      Buzz