I’m Not Happy With This Debate…But It Was Acceptable

This is going to be very short.  John McCain did better than I wanted. McCain was dismissive towards Obama. In several places McCain simply attacked Obama’s judgment and integrity. In the beginning Obama was tying McCain to Bush. Then he let him off the hook. Why?

When McCain was simply talking nothing but lies why the hell didn’t Obama simply get into the microphone and start demanding the truth. It’s called getting aggressive.  He should have gotten in McCain’s face. While he looked presidential and strong I’m not sure Obama was in McCain’s face when he should have been. Interrupt the son of a bitch when he simply lies about your record. People like an aggressive person who’s willing to fight for them.

More after some real time to digest the event.

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7 Responses to I’m Not Happy With This Debate…But It Was Acceptable

  1. Andy Witmyer says:

    For the most part, I disagree.For the first third of the debate, both candidates seemed weak and unsure of themselves when it came to combating the economic crisis.  But during the second third of it, in my opinion, Sen. Obama clearly owned John McCain – he took McCain’s (debatably) strongest attribute (foreign policy) and clobbered him with it.Obama also got off the most memorable zingers.  Obama looked more presidential.  He sounded more presidential.  And Obama was also capable of looking at his rival as he spoke directly to him – McCain was more content with twitching, grimacing, awkwardly smirking or staring contemptuously at the podium.

  2. I totally agree with you, Stuart.  Unfortunately, Obama came off looking like a wimp.  If we are going to beat these crooks,  Obama needs to get more agressive.  Why did he keep saying, “I totally agree”, to McCain’s comments?  We lost in 2004 because Kerry appeared weak in not responding to the “swift boat” attacks.  Unless Obama takes the gloves off in the next two debates, he is going down to defeat.  It’s time to get tough!!  Buzz

  3. I would offer a little different take on the debate.  Point by point I would have called this a draw as well, but debates aren’t scored on point.  Early polls on CNN following the debate showed 51% of those surveyed thought Obama won compared to 38% for McCain.  Obama certainly stood toe to toe with his oppenent on McCain’s home turf of foreign policy, but I was even surprised to see Obama take McCain to the woodshed like this.  In addition Obama showing that he can pass muster in this area, I think much of this can be ascribed to the “grumpy old man factor.”  During much of the Republican appeared annoyed and irritated with his younger opponent.  He never looked at him in the eye, constantly smirked, and at times made some awkward faces that looked almost painful.  It brought back past debates of Kennedy vs Nixon, Dole vs Clinton, and even the “who do you want to have a beer with factor?” of Bush vs. Gore and Kerry. 
    While most agree there weren’t any “bell ringers” or “game changers” in the debate it still served its purpose in showing two very different candidates.  I have a feeling we’re just getting warmed up here.

  4. Actually, I disagree with your review of Obama’s performance, and I think the polls after the debate validate my conclusion. The debatses are not for the die-hard Democrat supporters. Are you really going to go for McCain if you’ve been an Obama fan all along, or even a Hillary fan? Don’t think so. So the debates are for the undecides and independents (those that might change their mind). By looking presidential, knowledgable and not combative, Obama appeals tothis group. He didn’t need to go for McCain’s juggular, he just needed to assage any doubts some might have the Obama doesn’t know his stuff.

  5. Their is zero chance I will go for McCain. He’s a true idiot. I’ll be posting a new article in the new few minutes.

  6. Andy Witmyer says:

    I disagree.  While I concede that the economic portion of the debate was a disappointing draw – neither seemed very compelling – Obama took McCain’s (allegedly) greatest asset (foreign policy) and proceeded to clobber him with it for nearly an hour.  Obama looked confident, cool, calm, presidential – and it would also be wise to note that Obama also LOOKED directly at his opponent while addressing him.Conversely, the bitter looking McCain spent more time staring at the podium than anything else.  His nervous facial tics and awkward smirks made me think of George W. Bush, although I’ll credit McCain in that, in spite of being so ridiculously old, he seemed a bit more awake and intelligent than number the now lame duck president.

  7. T says:

    I guess I am a little confused.. I do not believe any of these men when they say I did this and I did that. When I did research after the debate I found things that now have me voting for McCain. Reason being is I watched actual video of congressional meeting’s regarding Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac..2003 footage, when bush was pushing to regulate them, Barney Franks was saying they are two sounds companies and regulating them would prevent lower income houses (hello this is what started this mess), then all the democratics voted against regulated them while republicans voted to regulate them… 2005 footage shows McCain stressing his major concerns that Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac are going to be in trouble very soon, again dismissed.. This is not the Bush administration that has caused this mess (and by no means am I a Bush supporter) Now if you listened to McCain saying watch Ukrain…Did anyone see this thing with Ukrain and Kenya….The one point I was upset not being said, is if you tax businesses at a higher rate, that will affect the very people Obama says he supports (the middle class).. The middle class works for these companies.. I am not a brain surgeon here, but it is so clear to me that if you tax these businesses they will lay off or lower the income they pay.. How does that help anyone..The tax breaks that you give the middle class (which includes me) will not have them opening up businesses.  This will just help them spend more money on things that will not truly help the economy.