Down East Here I Come!

Over the past few weeks I have noted in a few posts that I am preparing to move across country. I’ve kept meaning to write more about the move and let readers know what’s up but have been so busy with all the preparations, that I haven’t had time to blog about much of anything some days (once I am re-settled in my new home Down East, I’ll be writing more).

So here’s the scoop, readers…

After 19 long years of living in Los Angeles (San Fernando Valley), I am moving back to the East Coast. I am originally from a small city on the coast of MassachusettsNewburyport. I am heading further North in my move however, and will be living in Eastport, Maine:

Eastport, Maine is a beautiful small coastal community on the border of Canada. It’s a fishing port and artist community that is surrounded (as you can see from the map above) on three sides by water. I’ve missed living near the ocean, so I am thrilled to be moving back to my roots in New England, and particularly to move to Maine which has been a dream for many years.

I will be setting out from Los Angeles three weeks from today (October 19) with my daughter (and our cat, Zeus) and a friend to embark on a great adventure, driving cross country (from the South West corner to the North East corner) to our new home in Eastport, Maine. Thankfully, my business is a wholesale internet based business that I can run from just about anywhere.  

The economy has made it nearly impossible for me to afford to live (and run my business) in Los Angeles any longer. The latest turn of events in the economic mess has reinforced that the move will be a positive one. Housing in the Eastport area is a fraction of the cost here in Los Angeles. I’ll be renting a little 2 bedroom duplex from my niece and her husband to start and hope that in a year or two, I finally be able to buy my own home.

My new home will be about 1/2 mile walk to the ocean. On any given day in Eastport, Maine you can see Whales off the coast, Seals basking on the rocks and Canadian Geese, Eagles and other Raptors over head. And, there’s deerracoons and bobcats in the woods and absolutely gorgeous views of seasmoke, sunrises and sunsets over the water.

An artist by nature, I used to paint years ago and I look forward to taking that up again and finally finishing my novel I started years ago. I’ll be living in just the right peaceful atmosphere to re-inspire my artistic nature and I’ll be among community rich with artisans.

While I’m on the road, I’ll be offline most of the time, I hope that all of The Dem Daily writers will keep readers up to date on all the election and political news during that time. There’s lots of incredible photos of the Eastport area at for any readers interested in seeing what the draw is for this small town New Englander to head back to her roots. Ironically, Eastport, Maine “was first settled in 1772 by James Cochrane of Newburyport, Massachusetts,” which adds to the sense that I belong there. And of course there is the opportunity to live near family which is something my daughter and I have missed out on here in Los Angeles for years.

I will miss all my wonderful friends here in Los Angeles, including the bloggers here like SteveAudio and his lovely wife Pam, Skippy and Brad Friedman – to name a few. I’ve had a rich and wonderful life while living in Los Angeles, but now it’s time for a new chapter in my life. Stay tuned…

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5 Responses to Down East Here I Come!

  1. You will be much missed, Pamela. Even as we’re all jealous you’re succeeding in getting the heck out of here!

    Safe travels, friend…

  2. Brad

    I’m getting out while the getting is good as they say. And hey, there might be plenty of room in Eastport, Maine for all my blogger friends here in L.A.. 

    P.S. Sorry I missed the screening – packing first unfortunately.

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  4. coldH2Owi says:

    Great good luck to you Pamela & child & cat & friend.  If you get anywhere near the south shore of Lake Superior on the trip, email me with the blog address, or, leave a comment – we’ll lunch & have some fresh, unfrozen whitefish, on me, & the cat gets a share, as well.  Have fun.

  5. ColdH2Owi

    Thanks for the well wishes! I am excited to be getting out of L.A.

    I don’t think we’re heading up that far north but if we do I will try to take you up on the offer. We plan to take the southern route out and then start cutting north about mid-US. I will post a map of the route when we are about to leave.

    Missed you around here — Hope you are well.