I’m So Sick Of A Parody Of Spinning and Lies

I’ve been a Communications Director. I’ve been in the back of the room restating my candidates words to best effect. I’m good at it. Sorry. That’s not modest yet I believe it true. I’ve sure had a lot of practice trying to bring voters to my candidates point of view or candidacy either in an audience format or one-on-one. That’s never easy if you are converting deeply Republican or opposition voters.

Do you know the one thing I’ve never had to do? LIE. Yet again and again, as I’ve monitored these last crucial days I’ve seen Republican strategiests simply lie. If I had seen a Democratic strategist lie I would call them on it too.

I just saw a Republican spokesman say that Sara Biden has done fine in her interviews and Democrats should be more concerned with ‘gaffe prone’ Joe Biden. That makes me want to scream at the TV. That’s not a healthy reaction yet it comes from my gut. There’s a ton of ways to position Palin reasonably effectively, hell, Democrat Chris Cofinis, on MSNBC, did a better job of that than his Republican counter-part.

There is never a need to simply lie. That’s when you find a way to end the conversation or make certain it doesn’t start at all. That’s being a good communications guy, a good spinner or a good communication trainer for a green candidate.

The truth is that Palin has been truly poorly served by her campaign, her communications people and certainly her trainers. She still doesn’t know how to do more than parrot simple phrases from her talking points. That’s a failure of her handlers. [BTW: All candidates have handlers.]

But I insist that simple lying, on either side, is unacceptable.

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