Link to Financial Plan to Save Main Street

Contrary to the media’s constant harping this action bails-out Main Street, so we can all get car loans, student loans, credit loans to support our business. If this doesn’t happen then yes the financial markets will meltdown but the impact will be felt most heavily on our homes, on our employers, on our businesses and more.

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UPDATE (from Pamela): CNN Money has the draft of the plan here in PDF.

UPDATE 2 (from Pamela): The Emergency Economic Stabilization Act of 2008.

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2 Responses to Link to Financial Plan to Save Main Street

  1. DeanOR says:

    In the Krugman article that you link to, he does not say the plan will “bailout” or “save” Main Street. He says it will be “ineffective” and that it is “Not a good plan”. He has previously said that there are ways to deal with this situation but that they are not politically realistic. The best he has to say about this latest plan is that maybe it can be fixed  next year. Then he adds that he was told there are significant changes to the plan in the works, so we don’t even know what it really is.

  2. DeanOR

    I stuck the link to Krugman in when I updated the post with the link to the PDF from CNN.

    I’m of the same frame of mind that Krugman is. I do however hope the plan does some good because many of us are really struggling under this mess, including myself and my small business.

    Unfortunately I see the bail-out baling out the corporate ho’s on Wall Street and doing precious little for anyone else. Our economy should not be so hog tied to big business.