Banana Republic

There’s a lot of finger pointing going on in the wake of the Bail Out Bill failure in the House today (see Roll Call vote here). Barack Obama said today that “he believed Congress would ultimately pass a proposed $700 billion financial bailout deal, despite its initial rejection by the House … Continue reading

The Bail Out Bill Has Failed

UPDATE #3 Pelosi has made her statement that this had been a wholely bipartisan effort. Barney Frank said he was incredulous that ‘people could get their feelings hurt so they hurt the country instead.” Everyone is making the point that each member of leadership made a commitment to deliver a … Continue reading

Late Night: Tough Vote Ahead in House for Bail Out Bill

The NY Times reports that the House is bracing for a “difficult vote set for Monday on a $700 billion rescue of the financial industry after a weekend of tense negotiations produced a plan that Congressional leaders portrayed as greatly strengthened by new taxpayer safeguards.” The 110-page bill, intended to … Continue reading