What If We Had An Economic Apocolypse?

Here’s some food for thought today after the Bail Out Bill failure in the House: What If We Had An Economic Apocolypse? What would happen? What would you do?

Jazz Shaw explains on The Moderate Voice. I have to say one of the reasons I am moving to Maine is to live somewhere more economical that also provides me the opportunity to live a simpler life. If we all learned to live within our means the corporate ho’s wouldn’t be taking so much of our hard earned money!

Oh… And incase you missed it, while watching the Bail Out Bill fail and the stock market take another huge dive, the Bush Administration side stepped Congress today, to pump $630 Billion Into Economy.

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2 Responses to What If We Had An Economic Apocolypse?

  1. DeanOR says:

    My wife and I are already following most of the Moderate Voice ideas, and we have been for a long time. We use a debit card or pay cash, and have a credit card for backup if needed. We do have a (comparatively small) mortgage but otherwise no debts. We don’t have the latest of anything. Simple living is quite nice. We’re dependent on the financial system, but perhaps not as much as most Americans. We actually do know some farmers with whom we might be able to do some trades, although we live in the city and walk or bike most places and use our 19 year old van sparingly. We have a good HMO for medical stuff; that’s a major expense but worth it. It occurred to me recently that we have lived for years like graduate students. Now we’re retired, and we don’t have any difficulty maintaining our standard of living; it’s the same as it was while working. Maybe we’re just old hippies. We didn’t start saving much money until late in life, but when we did we saved a lot, and we still have what we saved. Good luck in Maine.

  2. DeanOR

    I’ve pared down on expenses for a while now, but know I have a lot more to go, so the move to Maine will be helpful. Thanks for the good wishes. The trip cross country will be an adventure that I hope I will write about once I get settled in!