Planned Parenthood Cashes in on Sarah Palin

Planned Parent is cashing in on Sarah Palin as the VP nominee for the Republican Party. John McCain’s running mate, Sarah Palin has been a “vocal opponent of abortion,” so pro-choice folks are ponying up to make a statement about Palin’s nomination by donating to Planned Parenthood in her name: … Continue reading

Stampeded by Fear, Scammed by Lies: Why the Bailout Failed

The Republican leaders of the House of Representatives grabbed a half dozen bags of sincerity, looked directly into every TV camera they could find, and lied. The House had just defeated, 228–205, a bipartisan $700 billion bailout bill. But it was the Democrats who were the subject of vicious rhetoric. … Continue reading

A New Proposal On The Economic Situation And World Wide Reactions in General

A group of Democrats are introducing a new piece of legislation of totally different from the one that’s been worked on for that last week and a half. Based on spotty information I’ve heard on MSNBC they wish to re-introduce a ‘transaction fee’ to every securities transaction. Apparently, according to … Continue reading