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Well, it looks like, with a little help from her handlers (and a trusty earpiece) Palin made it through last night’s debate without breaking down like a South Carolina beauty queen.  But, then again, I was enjoying Lemon Meringue Martinis, last night and following along on my Blackberry.  I’m sure I missed the really good stuff.

It’s Friday and I am up to my ears with “to-do” lists, so still keeping the Ten Post Round-Up simple, today.

It being the weekend and all, if you are dateless, you might considering using this very interesting dating service to find someone to while away the rest of this political season with.

On with today’s round-up:

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  1. I use to be strictly a democrat. These days I vote for the lesser of the two evils period. My question is is either of these presidents willing to deal with the every day corruption that plaques America?Here is a perfect example. This letters were sent to me by a Katrina survivor (who is also a nurse) trying to survive in a corrupt world.
    I would like to know which presidential candidate would finally address the corruption that our own American families face daily.
    Which one will take a stand for US and finally bring down the officials that allow this corruption to continue?
    I work in disaster relief and the corruption that I have seen is outrageous however, this has to be one of the worst things that I have read in quite some time.
    Can someone help us ASAP
    09/29/2008 Monday 1316PM
    We had some damage from Hurricane Ike nothing compared to what we endured
    in New Orleans, La 2005 during Hurricane Katrina.
    My family and I understand exactly what those that have lost their homes and all of their
    personal property are enduring and our prayers are with and for them.
    Now, I have been trying to understand with all the stress that this apt complex has put me and my family thru along with others that are on the DHAP program.
    Everyone has been led to believe that Guy Rank the Director of the DHAP program is doing a great service; he has been appointed to preside over all the DHAP programs in all the
    When this program began, there were so many flaws, which was to be
    expected with the take over. Instead of these flaws being corrected, they were
    not addressed and they have become major problems for the individuals
    that are in the housing program.
    Before Alphonse Jackson was asked to step down, I had reported
    several times to him about the problems.
    Many of the apt complexes refused to remain in the program after HUD took over so that meant that we were evicted and had to find housing that accepted the DHAP program; the
    list that DHAP provided was not at all accurate and most of the apt complexes that did accept DHAP were in dangerous areas of the Greater Houston area.
    We were instructed to sign a lease and the electric had to be turned on; then there was an inspection by DHAP if the apt was approved we were able to stay but if the apt failed inspection 3x we were informed as well as the apt manager that DHAP would not be able to
    provide rental assistance because of the 3x failed inspections.
    We were then instructed by DHAP housing council to locate another apt obtain another lease agreement and have the electric turned on and then to wait for the inspection.
    The problem with that is that if you entered into a lease agreement for 12mos and the apt failed you cannot break that lease. Then there were the inspectors that were instructing the individuals just to take any type of apt no matter what the condition that they the inspectors would pass the apt any way.
    We moved into our current apt 02/16/2008 because the former apt complex decided that they did not want to participate in the DHAP program. My current apt failed the first 2 inspections but passed the 3rd inspection (Or at least I was told that it passed). Since I have been here, the stove and refrigerator were not operating, as they should be; when it rained, we had to sit pots and
    buckets to catch the rain.
    I had reported this when I did my move in inspection; I also made copies of all the times that I informed DHAP.
    My DHAP housing council is very hard to communicate with; I finally received a response from my housing council in 08/2008 and that was because I contacted Mr. Guy Rankins the Director.
    When my housing council contacted me she was very upset with me because I had contacted Mr.
    Guy Rankins.
    DHAP is a failure because the program was not designed to return those that were trying to get themselves to Self-Sufficient status; the general public has been mislead and now there are more individuals that are on the verge of being homeless again.
    My family and I are in a battle with DHAP and our current apt complex. The apt complex has not
    adhered to the rules of the housing program. About a month ago DHAP was informed of the mold in my apt from constant flooding and the overflowing of the bathrooms, the air does not work as it should and to make things even worse the apt complex will not allow us to have our own electric provider. We do not even receive an electric bill. We were told that we have commercial electric at 25.00 per kilowatt; my electric for one month was $800. We are forever without hot water and when you request a real bill from a provider the apt complex sends the maintenance to disconnect the electric. We have reported this to DHAP only to be ignored.
    Now when I called Mr. Guy Rankins (he was in New Orleans, La) therefore, instead I spoke with his assistant Rochelle Henderson. I was instructed to meet with the local Harris County DHAP staff to correct these problems. The apt complex failed 3x and they were given time to make the repairs. I am still here in limbo. DHAP has suspended the rental payments; the apt complex has filed Chap 7 and they are in foreclosure.
    The apt complex disconnected my daughter electric after Hurricane Ike the power went out during the Hurricane and did not get restored until that Wednesday; all of her food was spoiled; after she and I replaced the food that we lost (I did not qualify for emergency food stamps) the
    apt complex disconnected her services(my daughter has proof that her bill is not $1,000) my granddaughter and my daughter came to my apt and the management disconnected my services also because my bill is $52.49 due 09/15/2008 when I asked why, I was informed by management that the interest rate and the late fees added up so they need me to pay $1,000
     The management then informed me that because my daughter and granddaughter were not on my lease that they could not stay with me. I informed DHAP (which is a joke) and I am still in limbo. In addition, the apt management notified CPS that my daughter had no electric. Now in order for her to get her power restored, she must pay the apt complex $2000. She must also pay for the repairs of the electric box (when the management disconnected her services they cut the main circuit that supplies the power so now a licensed electrician must make the repairs. On top of that, she must pay $500 in late fees and $200 in the accrued interest.
    When the city of Houston’s Dept of Health was notified, they spoke with the management. The city informed my daughter and I that this is a civil matter and that my daughter and granddaughter will not be allowed to remain in the unit without electric.
    My daughter does not owe that amount and we have her receipt. The apt complex informed us that there was a church that they have been sending DHAP recipients to, to get assistance. They gave my daughter phony documents and told my daughter to say that she needed assistance with her rent. My daughter and I refused and now this is the result. We presented all this to DHAP and they still are not able to assist us.
    I informed the apt management that because of Hurricane Ike they should not disconnect any electric they just laughed at me and told me that the next thing will be to physically remove us from our units and there is nothing that we can do about it.
    Many of the tenants are afraid to complain because they are threatened with
    The management has recently informed my daughter and I that they will not accept any more money orders that they want only cash and if we reported them, they will have the maintenance to remove our personal belongings and place a lock on our dwelling.
    God has been sustaining me and my family but it so stressful that I cannot cry; all I can do is talk with God and ask that he make a way.
    Sorry to be so long but I had to just let someone know that this DHAP is not all what it states that it is.
    Another Saga in the Lives of Hurricane Evacuees
    10/01/2008 Wednesday 1219Noon
    Here is another saga in the lives of the Hurricane Katrina Evacuees that
    are in the DHAP program in Houston, Texas.
    DHAP is a waste of the American Tax Payers money.
    Guy Rankins, Steven Preston, and other top officials within the DHAP/HUD dept have pushed the truth of the failures under the rug.
    This needs to be addressed and as soon as possible.
    There has been another Hurricane, which was not as destructive as Hurricane Katrina was in 2005 but there were serious damages and there are individuals that have lost everything that they owned.
    There is so much Fraud within the DHAP program from state to state that it will take years to recover.
    DHAP has received as well as the state of Texas numerous grants for Case Management; which is a joke because there is no Case Management.
    I and others that are not afraid have complained to our so-called DHAP Housing Case Managers only to be talked to as if we are stupid. There are times that when you attempt to call your housing Case Manager the call center will tell you that the housing case manager is not receiving
    calls at this time but you can leave a message and they will return your call.
     I had been attempting to notify my housing case manager with DHAP of the problems that were occurring at the apt complex, which my family and other DHAP families are residing. The apt complex filed chap7 bankrupt in April 2008/and June 2008.
    The apt complex management refuses to give receipts when you pay your water and electric bills and the apt complex turns your hot water and electric off without disconnect notices. The apt complex refuses to allow the renter to select their own electric provider and when you pay what the apt complex says that you owe in the electric your next month bill increases. There are electric bills with DHAP individuals that are $1,000 or more for one month and when you request a print out of the bill the apt management then disconnects your services themselves. Then, in order to restore your services the apt management demands that you obtain assistance from several of the social service agencies that the apt complex sends individuals to receive assistance. However, the trick to that is that the renter must do as they are told or the apt manager will give the renter an eviction notice (which is not real).
    The renter will request the full amount of the rent due from the social service agency (DHAP has already paid the rent), the renter then receives the payment, the apt management then takes 75% of that.
    If the renter cooperates and keeps their mouth shut their electric will remain on and the remaining 25% will be saved in case an un for seen emergency arises , then the apt management is suppose to use the saved money for that emergency.
    However, if you do not cooperate (as my daughter and I refused to do) the apt management then disconnects your electric permanently, your hot water is turned off, and your air is disconnected.
    We have reported all of this to the city of Houston. The HPD came out when the apt management turned my daughters electric off and damaged the electric box. The female officer spoke to the office and then the officer returned and stated, “that my electric has been off for two weeks because of Hurricane Ike. She then stated that there is no one to help us. Moreover, she stated “besides you are the Katrina people who are still asking for assistance and it has been three years, the government is still taking care of you all and we cannot help you, this is a civil matter; pay your bills and get off of government assistance.
    My daughter and I had the receipts of her payments and they still would not assist.
    Now, there is another DHAP renter in the same apt complex as my daughter and I, and she had to sell her belongings to get her electric restored. This renter has a 10month daughter. There are rodents in her apt and when she complained to the apt management; they ignored her. When she
    attempted to contact her DHAP housing case management, the call center took the message and told her that her DHAP housing case manager was not receiving any calls at that time and that she would return her call. She is still waiting for that return call.
    We reported this to DHAP on Interchange Houston, Texas. We spoke to Mr. Leroy Copper (DHAP housing council supervisor). We have given the DHAP office all the documents that this apt complex has been using to obtain funds from DHAP clients that are intended to pay their
    bills. However, the funds are not posted towards the bills.
    DHAP and the Neighborhood Centers has proof of the fraud as well as St John Vianney Catholic Church. Funds that were given to the renters to pay their electric were in check form. These checks were received by the apt managers and cashed but have not been posted to the renters account for their electric to be restored.
    We need assistance and we need it now please if there is any honest government official that can assist us please do so, there are children involved.
    This DHAP instead of assisting the Hurricane victims to return to Self Sufficient status; is instead driving us to becoming homeless and the stress is unbearable.
    Recently another DHAP renter in the same apt complex has received a bill for electric for $1178.62. This renter is on disability and works part-time. The apt management has informed her and her family that they will be without electric as of 10/03/2008 and that their power will be restored only when they pay the full amount.
    We have made DHAP aware of this as of today yet still we are told that there needs to be more individuals to complain.
    DHAP sent an inspector to inspect both of the units that are having difficulty and both units failed.
    The apt manager informed both renters that because of the inspection they are on the list to be evicted and that in the state of Texas once an individual is evicted for non payment of rent that individual can not rent an apt in Texas in the future.
    This is not fair! We notified DHAP of this once again. Mr. Leroy Copper stated that he needed more information. While we are waiting for DHAP to intervene on our behalf, this apt complex is extorting money from individuals that are one step from homeless and having a complete
    break down.
    Now DHAP has paid the rent for all of us. The renter in apt 314 paid on 09/25/2008 $200.00 just to keep her electric on; and now today she has received a electric bill for $2194.40.  When she asked the apt manager about the $200.00 payment that she had made, the response that she got from the apt manager was that they had applied that to the rent (the rent is paid in
    full by DHAP). Therefore, if this lady does not have $2194.40 on 10/03/2008 she and her family will be without power until that bill is paid. Then all of the food that she replaced from Hurricane Ike will spoil.
    We again informed DHAP of this and still Mr. Leroy Copper from DHAP says “that he needs more
    We cannot continue to survive in this environment, not knowing when our electric will be terminated.
    We are not asking for a handout we were Self Sufficient pre Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans, La and we are striving to return our lives to Self Sufficient status. However, with this
    unfair treatment and the economy in the rear, how can we survive?
    No one seems to care.
    Please if there is someone out there that can assist us we will be very grateful.
    I have tried to be patient and to understand.
    DHAP has insisted that we not take this outside of the DHAP locality; but we need help and it appears that DHAP does not want this to be revealed; because if the truth is revealed the DHAP
    housing program will be terminated immediately.
    Therefore, if there are any honest and caring individuals out there, we need assistance. This is
    not fair to the American tax payers.
    We would like to expose this DHAP housing program for what it really about.
    We keep getting the round around by those that are appointed to assist us.
    The apt management has informed us, that the goal is to rid the state of Texas of all Louisiana (ESP. New Orleans) people, before the end of the yr.
    All we want is to live a normal life and return our lives to Self Sufficient status.
    DHAP investigate Apt complex complaints and were devastated
    10/02/2008 Thursday 0851AM
    Last night DHAP representative, Leroy Copper and Fraud investigator for DHAP in
    the Interchange office for Harris County, came to physically see just what we were complaining about and they were knocked off their feet. We gave them the tour and it was not a pretty sight.
    Many do not know the extent of the problems that have been and continue to occur with this DHAP housing program.
    We had a non-DHAP renter to speak out about the same problems that have been occurring for the DHAP renters. She and her family just moved to the apt complex. She and her family were in another apt complex that had similar problems. The apt complex evicted them after they were injured when their roof collapsed on them. When they went to court I,the eviction judge ruled in favor of the apt complex even though this lady had all of up to date receipts for her rent and her MD report of her injuries along with the report from the city of Houston stating that the apt complex was at fault. This particular judge is known to be very cold towards renters, even when they are in compliance with all the housing rules within the state of Texas.
    So the Red Cross arranged for this lady and her family to move in this apt. The Red Cross is assisting her with her rent and the apt manager told them that the electric was very reasonable it was better than residential and it was .9/kilowat and it will never be over $200 no matter what the usage.
    Now all of that has changed, as it did for all of the renters. The reason given to some was that the president has ordered that they increase the electric each month by $150 to conserve energy and to offset the high oil prices overseas.
    During the tour the DHAP reps were taken aback at how bold the apt managers were in not posting payments. They saw proof that the apt managers were allowing some tenants to not pay any rent or electric if they obeyed all the apt managers rules.
    We did find out why the electric is so high for some and not for others the apt complex.
    The electric has been rigged illegally. Apts are illegally hooked together by one meter and certain tenants are paying the electric for all of the renters who are hooked to those meters.
    Then we came to an apt that was in the dark and has been for two months.
    The tenants were afraid to talk for fear of eviction however, their neighbor did talk and told us that they could not get the $2000 for the electric bill and that all that the social service agency would give them was $200. After the Tenants paid the apt manager the $200 that was given to them by the social service agency, the apt management stripped their electrical box and told them that when they get all of the money they will restore their electric.
    Then we came to this family that had their electric but it will be disconnected again on the 10/03/2008 her bill was $2000. This is sad because in July, the apt manager shut down her services and it was very hot. Even after her mother sent them a $200.00 payment towards the bill to restore the electric they shut it off. This renter was pregnant, because of all of the stress, she delivered too early, and the baby did not survive. This tenants mother had tried to make arrangements with the office to pay on the bill every two weeks until it was paid up they refused. The apartment managers did not restore her service until she came up with all the money and because she asked for a receipt they made her wait a week before they restored the services and now she is going through the same problem again.
    Then we came to a couple that had just moved into their own apt. They had been in the apt for two weeks and they received a electric bill for $2000. The apt complex that if they did not pay the entire bill in full by 10/03/2008 their electric will be disconnected told them. This couple was not afraid to speak up, so the wife contacted the apt association and the city of Houston health dept only to be told to move if they did not like it.
    There was so much drama and emotional stress during this tour that the DHAP reps could not believe this was really happening to human beings in this day and time.
    The DHAP reps did tell us, that when they present this information to their supervisors in the AM that Guy Rankins, Rochelle Henderson; Mark Thiele and Dana Hogan will probably be reassigned or even worse terminated.
    The DHAP reps said that they will try and explain to their supervisors that this is in deed an
    emergency however, they doubted that their supervisors would allow them to continue on this
    The DHAP reps told us not to be surprised if they were no longer assigned to assist us. They just wanted us to be prepared for the worst.
    There has to be a way that we can receive assistance and live our
    lives in peace.
    None of us have any funds to help each other and on 10/03/08 the families in apt 218 will have their services disconnected if they do not pay in full $ 1700 and the families in apt 314 will have their electrical services disconnected if they do not pay in full $2194.
    Can someone tell us where are we to find that amount of money in 24hrs?
    And I forgot that my daughter and granddaughter services have not been restored and their bill was paid in full. Now the apt managers are asking my daughter to pay an additional $1000 in cash and then they will restore her services.
    It is Lights out for the individuals at Kensington Club Apt in Houston
    10/03/2008 Friday 0739AM
    I want to thank GOD for this beautiful and caring group on this site for listening to our trials that we have and will continue to endure until we have returned to New Orleans, La and Self Sufficient Status.
    One thing that I have learned from this ordeal is that there is no justice if you
    want to be HONEST.
    We have been informed by DHAP that because we complained and the complaints were justified that they can no longer assist us.
    We are on our own.
    All that they are able to do is stop our rental payments because the contract states that both parties must adhere to the rules. Because of our complaints and because the apt complex did not adhere to the housing code, the DHAP has ended their contract with this apt complex and we are on our own. 
    Now the Apt managers are laughing at us.
    Today the family in apt 314 will not have electric if they do not pay the $2194 to the apt manager before 5pm, even though there is evidence that she does not owe that amount and DHAP is now aware of it. This woman has a 10-month Daughter and other children. She does not have
    the money to pay a $2194 electric bill and there is no social service agency that will assist
    with that amount of money.
    The apt manager has advised this woman to go to some of the social service agencies/churches that they are receiving money and to give them the eviction notice for the rent. Then they told her to return to the apt complex with the payment and if the amount of money is workable, that then they the apt complex will not turn her services off.
    However, if there is no cooperation on her part then she will have no electric until the $2194
    is paid in full.
    DHAP is aware of this. Now this lady has no choice than to concede there is nobody to assist her. We were all told to report if there were problems with the apt complex which now this lady regrets doing, even though DHAP has made an emergency inspection and the complaints were
    Spiders and rodents; mold and mildew; sewage backup in the kitchen, malfunctioning electric etc..
    DHAP failed the apt after this emergency inspection now this woman and her family are left at the mercy of the apt complex.
    My daughter was informed yesterday that if we had not complained, and had just done as we were instructed, we would not have these problems.  Heidi, the apt manager informed my daughter that the Congressman that owns the apt complex is very angry about the complaints and he has instructed she and the other management to take care of this situation before it
    gets out of control.
    Heidi then told my daughter that if she would go to the Neighborhood Centers and the St John Vianney Catholic Church with the eviction notice, and give her $2000 in payments before 5pm today, then she will restore her electric service which has been turned off by Heidi since 09/20/2008 along with the circuit breaker being damaged so that no one
    could restore the power except the apt complex.
    Now, my daughter is trying to get assistance. DHAP also failed her apt because of the
    condition and no electric and now DHAP cannot assist her. If we had known that this would hurt us we would not have made any complaints we would just have accepted whatever the apt complex dealt to us.
    The family in apt 218 has been informed by Heidi that if their $1700 electric bill is not paid in full on today, they will not have any services. This family receives disability and they cannot pay
    the full amount for the electric. That would be their entire disability check. If they gave this to the apt complex for the electric bill, then they will not be able to pay the rent. Heidi has informed
    this family that they can pay the full amount of the electric with their disability check, and then she will give them an eviction notice for the rent and they can go to Neighborhood Centers and St John Vianney Catholic Church to get the rent. If there is no payment before 5pm, today she will proceed with eviction, and will shut the power off.
    Now as for me I will be evicted because DHAP reps Leroy Copper, Kerry Craft; Mark Thiele and Dana Hogan have backed out of assisting me after I was told to report any infarctions on the apt complex that inhibits me and my family from a safe living environment. Their bosses to back off this complaint have informed the DHAP reps.
    The apt complex manager Heidi informed me that if I did not get the rent for 09/2008 and 10/2008 that the eviction courts that will have no mercy on me and will allow the apt complex to evict me immediately over the telephone without a court appearance.
    Heidi informed me that because of me, others are being punished including my own daughter and granddaughter. She continued to tell me that in the state of Texas when you are on any government programs, you have no rights because you have surrendered those rights when you subjected you and your family to federal and state assistance.
    I remember when I first arrived in Houston and was securing my apt I was informed by the apt manager at that apt complex that in the state of Texas when an individual accepts federal and state assistance they surrender their privileges as an American.
    I really did not believe that then however, now I see that it is true.
    If I could turn back the time and just make Hurricane Katrina go away there would not be so many people suffering because they want to return their lives to Self Sufficient status. But since I can’t I have learned from this that I will never complain to any government agency again I don’t care how much fraud there is I will now go with the flow and turn my head and close my eyes.
    I have always been a strong individual and I have always fought for what I believed in.  Never did I ever think that I would live to see when wrong over powered the right.  And just think, I have been teaching my children to always stand up for what you believe in and do not concede to the evil one.
    However, when my grand baby stated to me “they shut my mommy power off”, that brought
    tears to my eyes and a sick feeling throughout my entire body.
    Today I realize that if I had kept my mouth shut and just accepted everything that the apt complex was doing and live according to their rules then everybody would be okay.
    Now because of me innocent children will suffer.
    We have reached the end of the line here at this apt complex.
    I will never ever report anything that I witness or endure instead; I will just close my eyes and continue with what I was doing.
    My family and I want to thank Jenni Dodds and the entire group for their support in our time of need continue to pray with and for us we are going to need those prayers we love everyone.
    Now we are being evicted for speaking out against fraud
    10/03/2008 Friday 1925PM
    Well today, my daughter and I will be evicted and we will be homeless once again. Will some one tell me is it a crime to tell the truth and to report a crime?
    Today has been a roller coaster; my daughter is still without power.
    As for the other families, they are hanging in there; they will not know of their fate until Monday.
    DHAP rep Leroy Copper, MarkThiele, Dana Hogan, Kerry Craft, Guy Rankins and Rochelle Henderson cannot assist us.
    Now as I explained to them, my family and I followed all the DHAP housing regulations, paid our portion of the rent as required and were trying very hard to return our lives to Self Sufficient post Hurricane Katrina status.
    I have a job, my daughter has a job, and now my son has a job. We are not
    on drugs we live, as we are supposed to live obeying all civil and spiritual laws.
    Will someone please tell me if you received a electric bill for $1000, $2194 or $1700 and you are residing in a apt complex would you pay the bill or would you question the amount on the bill?
    Now that the apt complex has made an example of my family and me, everyone else is closing their mouth and trying to get the money to pay their bills even though these bills are not accurate.
    The apt management has informed me that this should teach me and my family a lesson
    that when in Texas do as you are told.
    I’m so stressed that my nose has been bleeding all day in intervals and now I’m feeling sick and I really can’t go to the emergency room because I don’t have any insurance. To top it off, my migraine headaches have returned.
    One of the renters that has been in this apt complex for 6yrs informed me that I really should have advised my daughter and the others to just pay their bills and do whatever the apt managers tell you to do. They stated that this is what you do if you want to live in the state of Texas. She informed me that this is not strange for Texas. This is how the state of Texas operates. You will either join in and do as you are told or you will never be able to rent in the state of Texas again once they file that eviction.
    This woman informed me that this is “The Good Ole Boys” state. Then this woman l informed me that she has paid electric bills for $4000 and that you cannot win against the Good Ole Boys.
    I have seen these types of incidents in the movies; but never did I ever expect to experience this in real life. I knew that there were cold-hearted individuals in this world, but never did I imagine that they would go to these extremes.
    I ask God everyday in my daily prayer for the world never let there be another disaster such as Hurricane Katrina.
    Well, I really do not know what will become of me and my family and the other families; please continue to pray with and for our strength in the Lord.
    Another Apt Complex in Texas taking advantage of the renters post Hurricane Katrina
    10/04/2008 Saturday 0424AM
    All praises glory and honor to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.
    Just to let everyone know that this not just in Houston. There is an apt complex in Pasadena, Texas that has charged its renters 50.00 per day late charge for the rent; and these renters have serious wind damage to their units. Some of these units are not livable. Now there is the threat of
    evictions if these tenants’ late fees are not paid.
    Some of the renters had the news media to come and they spoke out about what this apt complex is doing, others spoke off camera so as not to be punished by management.
    This is so unfair to the renters and there is really no laws to protect them.  The results are that you are given so many days to vacate and the landlord walks away squeaky clean preparing to get their next victim. That is why most low-income individuals and government subsidy individuals will not complain they just accept whatever and life goes on.
    We as American citizens should not be afraid to make life better for our families and ourselves. If we break the housing rules we are evicted, no questions asked and in some cases, we are banned from the housing program.
    So why are the laws so easy on the landlords and allow them to harm the renters?
    I guess we will never know the answer.
    I have received some rather ugly responses to my complaints. I have been told that we should buy our own home and then we would not have to depend on the taxpayers to pay our rent. Some of these responses do not deserve an answer. There are people that have worked and they owned their own home in Galveston, TX. When these families were finally allowed to return to Galveston to see their homes for the first time, they had no home. Now these families are trying to put the pieces of their life together.
    I can relate to that.
    Hurricane Ike was a couple of wks ago, people are still in shock, and they are behind on all their bills.
    Hurricane Katrina was three yrs ago and we are still trying to return our lives to Self Sufficient status.
    It is not good to judge, because we all know where we have been but we do not know where we are going.
    Once again thanks to Jenni Dodds and others in this group for being there to listen, please continue to pray with and for all the Hurricane victims.
    GOD never fails

  2. Sandra says:

    I am sorry for all u. I hope this in info is able to help. Call texas public utility-customer protection. The PCU emergency order banding disconnecting for victims of hurrica ike. They are in austin so they can go after them. See Chapter 25 of Sudtantive rules applicable to electric service providers. — inform–is–power. Look at West Anderson Plaza v. Feyzra. Landlord can’t trun off lights. Endangering innocent tenants well been. I hope the best to u all. Plus a police report. Don’t 4get HUD too