Well, I Jumped and Become An Official Twitter Person

While I haven’t gotten the complete hang of this thing yet I’ve opened a Twitter account. My ancient cel phone, like the ancient laptop, can actually SMS so I’ll try and do something memorable, or not, fairly often. My life is anything but boring. My forehead is flat from banging it against so many walls.

I think you sign up/login then go to my homepage to ‘follow’ my posts. My screen name there is stuarto. If you want to see my page from the outside I guess the address is Twitter.com/stuarto . I’ll figure it out as I go.

(I’ve been called a lot of things, most of them unprintable here at DemDaily. Yet I don’t think yet I’ve ever been called a Twit. I hope that doesn’t become the nickname for Twitter users. My gag reflex would hit it’s limit.)

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