Aggressive Debate And A Blizzard of Attacks

Maybe after I’ve had more time to think about this goddamn crap I’ll be able to give a better reading of the debate.

Obviously both Obama and McCain were more aggressive. The constant contradictions of each other wore on me deeply. There are definite written plans. Why can’t we get any newsperson or moderator who has complete non-partisan analysis and can simply interrupt the speaker, whoever it is, as say, “Sorry, Senator, that’s not true.”

The fact that McCain didn’t attack based on the bullshit that Palin has been spreading this week does seem to me that he doesn’t want that kind of campaign. While McCain is willing to let others do the dirty work, he doesn’t want to do it himself. That’s a cowardly tactic.

Obama seemed calm yet again. He was very Presidential. He was willing to interrupt Tom Brokaw and insistent on getting in his corrections. Sometimes the corrections directed at McCain were ignored and McCain simply repeated his original comment. This was most obvious during the exchange about Pakistan.

Watching MSNBC which is showing a series of trend lines with a focus group. McCain getting blasted by Independents and even, when he talked about buying home mortgages he got slaughtered by Republican too.

Off for now.

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