T. Boone Pickens and Energy

Each of us have seen the extraordinary media swarm of T. Boone Pickens about his Pickens Plan. He has funded this TV campaign out of his own dollars. That’s significant for me. If you believe in something then spend your damn money on it. It proves you really believe. Don’t just ask others to fund your campaign but get in there and use your own capital. He has, to me, proved sincerity and conviction.

I have visited his site a couple of times. He has a good written plan on the site. His media portion of the site is actually more interesting to me. He has a very detailed video that I’m including below. I thought it was comprehensive.


Yes, I know he’s no political progressive. In fact he was one of the people that backed ‘The Swift Boat’ campaign. But here’s my take on America’s biggest problems:

I don’t give a damn who has the best idea. Period. I just don’t care. I care/love America and if T. Boone Pickens can drive the subject, perhaps come up with an actual plan, I’ll embrace his ideas. All I care about is the best ideas and execution. Perhaps T. Boone Pickens will drive the Congress into actually doing something. I don’t think he’s going to give up.

This is just the beginning of my writing on the energy topic.

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10 Responses to T. Boone Pickens and Energy

  1. coldH2Owi says:

    Do not become enamored of the damn the politics, it’s the best idea that counts manner of thinking.  Pickens is right-wing scum & there is no way he will be able to atone for his big financial support for the Swift-boat traitors, in fact, he may well be the biggest traitor of all.  I’ve been watching this for a few months now & it’s a scam.  It’s one more attempt to make these right-wingers mainstream.  We need to resist people like Pickens before they completely destroy this country, a country I love as well.  Please, think, don’t be seduced.  Thanks.

  2. Cold

    “there is no way he will be able to atone for his big financial support for the Swift-boat traitors”

    I quite agree.

  3. Don p says:

    T Boone Pickens just happens to own the largest wind farm in the country and stand to profit handsomely from government handouts. I say hell no to that old SwiftBoater’s plans!

  4. Jerry203 says:

    Stuart O’Neill is right and he’s not alone. The key goal is to get Congress to act, especially in light of a bipartisan national survey published yesterday indicating 50% of Americans have little confidence in Congress to pass meaningful energy legislation. The Pickens Plan is the best vehicle to achieve our energy goals, which is why its attracted support from Gov. Richardson (a former energy secretary), Gov. Sebelius and Gov. Schweitzer. By the way, that survey also revealed that a whopping 84% of Americans support the Pickens efforts to cut foreign oil imports by a third over the next decade.

  5. Rich Galen says:

    I don’t think “Pickens owns the biggest windfarm in the world” is true.  He is planning to build a huge wind farm, but it doesn’t exist yet. 

  6. Rich is correct. Pickens is building the biggest windfarm in the world , out of his own capital. He has advocates NO government hand outs altho he says that tax benefits will accelerate the process. He thinks the market, once the factors are in place, will take the bait and start building. He did say, in front of the Congressional Committee on energy that government reasearch on all these topics would help but, again, he did not advocate any government subsidy.

    As to Cold saying,” Don’t be enmored of the politics…” this is exactly what I’ve done. I don’t give a damn about his miseraable past. If he can get us pass this damn inaction on Wind Energy, he thinks solar isn’t quite there yet…a deduction that others would disagree, is doable NOW. All you have to do is locate the land and compensate the landholder with a land lease.

    He has just placed the largest order for Wind Generators from the best company in history. And he is doing it all himself.

    Later today I will post a 25Min YouTube of his Congressional testimony. Watch all of it and it might make his ‘good idea’ more acceptable.

  7. PS: He’s 80 years old. And he still gives a damn for concepts that he won’t live to see completely adopted. That counts for something to me. Exporting these concepts and, more importantly proven technologies, to other countries will have a dramatic effect in our childrens lifetime and maybe in our own.
    The time has come for far-sighted people to advocate far-sighted actions. The time has come for long-term leadership that far outlasts the political leaders of the time.

    More on this concept another time.

  8. coldH2Owi says:

    Stuart:Then, sir, sleep with the pigs & rot with them as well.  Nothing like an  opportunist in our midst.  You ought to be ashamed. 

  9. Darrell Prows says:

    When someone whose politics are more admirable than those of Pickens follows his lead, I will cheer more for that success.Also, I do agree that there is at least as mush to be optimistic about with solar as with wind.

  10. Cold

    Did you need to be so hard?

    It is my understanding that Obama has actually sat down with Pickens to discuss his plan. I haven’t had time to really take a look at it given my move, and given my association with Kerry I’m not sure I want to. Obama’s a better person than me if he could sit down with the man that swiftboated JK.