The Latest Gallup Gives Obama 11 Point Lead

I haven’t posted about the Gallup Daily Poll in a while, and I thought it worth noting that today’s Gallup Poll Daily tracking report “shows Barack Obama maintaining a 52% to 41% lead over John McCain, unchanged from Wednesday’s report.”

Frank Newport notes:

Signifying a general stability in the race, Obama has maintained a share of the vote between 48% and 52% over the last two weeks, while McCain’s share during that same time period has been between 41% and 45%. The next and final presidential debate will be held Wednesday, Oct. 15 at Hofstra University in New York.

In other significant polling news, a new poll from USA TODAY/Gallup shows that “Barack Obama convinced many more viewers to think more favorably of him during Tuesday night’s presidential debate than did his Republican opponent, John McCain.”

Americans should be fed up with the fear-mongering from the McCain camp by now. As Jonathan Martin noted on Politico, “it’s difficult to imagine even the most hard-core conservatives saying that Al Gore or John Kerry were terrorists.”

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One Response to The Latest Gallup Gives Obama 11 Point Lead

  1. Poll numbers like this beg the question of whether we have reached a point where negative campaigning and the politics of fear has lost its effectiveness.  Perhaps I’m overly optimistic, but we can only hope this to be the case.