The Real News Of The Economy

The Dow closed at a loss of 678 points. The pain may have just started. While the markets continue to correct based on the days trading 401K’s and other retirement accounts continue to shrink. People are fearful. When will it stop?

Jim Cramer of Mad Money on CNBC has advised on The Today Show and Hardball with Chris Matthews that if someone needs their money within 5 years to find a way to move to cash and do it right now. If you find yourself suddenly watching the market it may be good advice.

The satirical Economist cover may be an exaggeration but not by a helluva lot.

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3 Responses to The Real News Of The Economy

  1. Jack Alexander says:

    Foul language will be edited? What about the satirical cover above?

  2. Jack Alexander

    As the editor of The Dem Daily and a small business owner, I have to say that this post reflects my views — and that is why when Stuart checked this with me I approved it.

    I think Americans are screwed right now given the current state of the economy and some times foul language explains frustration and fear best – sad but true.

  3. And it’s foul, very personally directed language in the comments that gets edited 99% of the time.