Financial Chaos Sweeping the World

Well folks, as you sit down with your morning cup of coffee and you prepare to delve into the financial headlines you might want to pour a stiff shot of something to sweeten that coffee, that is if you can afford the price of a good bottle of liquor. Here’s a round of the early morning financial news… It’s not pretty:

Someone really needs to figure out how to fix this “Nightmare on Wall Street” that has now ricocheted around the world. But please, please don’t leave it in the hands of Bush Administration, because they’ve royally screwed up everything in the past 8 years.

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One Response to Financial Chaos Sweeping the World

  1. Financial Chaos Sweeping the World by Pamela Leavey.I sure hope someone will expose Republicans planting people in ACORN just to raise hell. Seems the low road is the only road the Republicansroll on.