Wrong Track

The latest NEWSWEEK poll shows Obama opening up a double digit lead over John McCain and “An astounding 86 percent of voters now say they are dissatisfied with the way things are going in the United States, while a mere 10 percent say they are satisfied.”

That’s the highest wrong track/right track ratio ever recorded in the NEWSWEEK poll.

The “historic boiling over of dissatisfaction with the status quo” is the cause of the “surge in support” for Obama.

It’s a “GOP trainwreck waiting to happen“…. Putting it into context in terms of “just how toxic these numbers could be for the Republic party, consider that in October, 2006, weeks before the Democrats swept control of both houses of Congress, only 61 percent of voters expressed dissatisfaction.”

Obama also seems “to have broadened his coalition of support and made inroads with groups that have not reliably embraced him over the course of the long presidential campaign.”

He now leads McCain among both men (54 percent to 40 percent) and women (50 percent to 41 percent). He now wins every age group of voters—including those over 65 years of age, who back him over McCain 49 to 43 percent. Supporters of Hillary Clinton, as many as a fifth of whom had at one point told pollsters they’d support McCain over Obama, now back the Democratic nominee 88 percent to 7 percent.

The economy, the clearly messed up economy the apparent top issue in “driving Obama’s spike.” America has so been on the wrong track. It’s time to turn the train around.

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