Kerry Measure To End Wartime Propaganda Becomes Law

I’m winding down to my last few days before my big cross country move. It’s bad timing given the election, but it’s something I must do. Needlessto say I’m overwhelmed with packing and organizing and finalizing details, so finding time to post is difficult. That said, this arrived a short time ago in my email box and it’s a significant piece of news not relating to the election.

Via a press release from Senator Kerry’s office:

Sen. John Kerry today announced that President Bush signed into law Kerry’s legislation to prohibit the U.S. Department of Defense (DOD) from funding propaganda. The measure was included in the National Defense Authorization Act for 2009.

“With confidence in Washington at an all-time low, the American people should not have to wonder whether the ‘non-partisan, expert’ analysis they see on television might have been shaped by a government propaganda campaign,” said Sen. Kerry.  “It’s essential to make sure the public’s money isn’t used for propaganda campaigns that undermine the public trust.” 

In April, Sen. Kerry called for an investigation by the Government Accountability Office (GAO) into the DOD’s covert efforts to cultivate military analysts with distinguished service records to produce favorable press coverage of the Bush Administration’s wartime policies in Iraq and elsewhere. 

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3 Responses to Kerry Measure To End Wartime Propaganda Becomes Law

  1. wisteria says:

    Safe travels. And, I am pleased that this bill passed. I appreciate Senator Kerry’s efforts. It is important that the public have confidence in what they are being told about security issues and war time matters. We have a right to know the truth- not candy coated lies that benefit one political point of view or another.

  2. Thanks Wisteria… I am looking forward to finally getting back to the East Coast and New England to live again!

    And I agree with you about JK’s bill.

  3. John Stone says:

    John Kerry is a great Senator!  He would have been a great President, if the election had not been stolen from us.  I saw him on MSNBC last night and he was articulate and knowledgeable as always. Pamela, have a safe journey!