The Debate Attack Is On

McCain has decided to attack whenever possible and place Obama, if possible, on the defensive. This is going to be a long debate. Obama is doing well and keeping his usual cool. McCain, 30 minutes into the debate, is attacking on every response since first question. Bob Schieffer threw the … Continue reading

Cheney Released From Hospital After Procedure

Dick Cheney had another episode of his arrhythmia condition and has now been released. Per MSNBC and wire reports: Vice President Dick Cheney on Wednesday left a D.C. hospital after an outpatient procedure to restore his normal heart rhythm following a recurrence of atrial fibrillation, the White House said. A … Continue reading

Tonight’s Debate: Will McCain Use Rev. Wright? Maybe Not.

Apparently John McCain and his advisers are once again split on his tactics at tonight’s final debate of the 2008 election. One of the options is to use Rev. Wright as an attack device. With Bob Schieffer of CBS News as the moderator it’s almost inevitable that he will bring … Continue reading