Powell Is Reportedly Ready To Endorse

Via Lawrence O’Donnell on the HuffPo:

When Colin Powell turns off his TV after the final presidential debate, he will have learned everything he is going to learn about the candidates vying to succeed his former boss, George W. Bush. Powell has made it clear that he has been thinking about an endorsement for a long time but wanted to hear more from the candidates before making his choice. It now seems beyond doubt that Colin Powell will endorse Barack Obama and thereby hammer the final nail in the coffin of the Republican campaign to hold onto the White House.

If Powell does indeed endorse Obama, which all signs are pointing to, the endorsement “will be perfectly timed to dominate a news cycle or two.”

It will give Obama the one thing he still needs more of–credibility as Commander-In-Chief. And Sarah Palin’s speechwriters will be hard pressed to come up with a condescending quip about it.

Stay tuned…

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2 Responses to Powell Is Reportedly Ready To Endorse

  1. Stuart O'Neill says:

    Pamela:What a great catch in the news cycle and what an enormous piece of news if correct. Colin Powell was fed kool-aid before his speech to the UN. He was resentful of that misleading crap. Read Bob Woodward’s books on the Bush Presidency to get a real inside fee. Colin Powell in 2003 was acknowledged privately to be the most popular political man in America.

  2. stuperb says:

    I’d be thrilled if Powell endorsed Obama.  However, the O’Donnell piece doesn’t give any sources or analysis beyond his own opinion.  If he has information to share, he should share it rather than being coy. The general consensus around the Internet seems to be that Powell is ready to make his endorsement. If this has been leaked somehow, these authors should indicate their “inside” information rather than try to get out ahead of the story in order to appear astute and prescient.If, instead, they’re all just feeding off each other’s speculations, they ought to knock it off.A Fox News piece on the same topic yesterday, for example, was some of the worst reporting I’ve seen in a while.Pamela, this isn’t a slam on you in any way – you’re just posting about what’s being said. I’m just curious whether the people putting out the opinions on this are doing it based on credible information or whether they’re all chasing each other’s tails.