International Medical Corps Wins $100K in Amex Member Project

International Medical Corps won $100,00, with our help, that will assist them in continuing child hunger relief projects around the world. Over 14,000 individual American Express cardholders voted for IMC. Thousands of  emails were sent to create a viral impact and 200 blogs, including The Democratic Daily’s article, pitched in to help spread the message.  Here is the text of their press release. This video comes from the project’s originator as a ‘thank you’ while also showing you the depth of the problem.

This is, however not the end. As this video so heartrendingly shows, the problem is severe, widespread and won’t be helped solely through national government efforts. It takes you, me and thousands of others to keep IMC funded in all the countries they service. They are even in Iraq and Afghanistan, risking their lives, to help the hungry in the midst of war.

So, please, visit the IMC website and leave a donation. It doesn’t matter if it’s small, large or even tiny. They can feed hungry children, and help create health on pennies per day.

Our long difficult presidential campaign is nearly over. It is time for us to switch our enormous fundraising machines to other topics. IMC is my personal choice. Thank you to the loyal readers of The Democratic Daily who helped this organization feed more children.

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