Obama Fights Back With Request For Special Prosecutor

These two clips do not address my concerns of having election attorneys on the ground in every state. The Barack Obama campaign has now shown that they are willing, and prepared, to fight back. First the Obama campaign attorney discussing the events since the last debate then Olbermann and Rachel … Continue reading

Colin Powell On Meet The Press Sunday. Obama Endorsement?

This an item from Political Wire so let me give them their Hat Tip up front. All Eyes on Powell Sources close to former Secretary of State Colin Powell cautioned that his support for Sen. Barack Obama over Sen. John McCain “might stop short of a formal endorsement when he’s … Continue reading

Quote of the Day: Peggy Noonan on Sarah Palin

Most of Peggy Noonan’s column in yesterday’s WSJ was predictably awful: — McCain won the debate on Wednesday? Really? — McCain succeeded in ridiculing Obama’s “eloquence”? Seriously, what debate was she watching, and from the confines of what alternate un-reality? — The election is “infantilizing”? Why, because the guy she … Continue reading

Where are The Democratic Election Attorney’s ?

The Republican legal machine has already filed protests in many states. I have one question: where is the Democratic legal team in every state? Where are the previously prepared responses that can activate within 2 hours? Anticipating the problems and challenges is the job of election observers and election attorneys. … Continue reading

And the WaPo Endorses…

Barack Obama. No surprise there, though the Post is hardly a bastion of liberalism and pro-Democratic sentiment, regardless of what the finger-pointing self-victimizers of the right may have to say about it. It’s actually not a bad endorsement — well, actually, it’s quite good — with most of it focusing … Continue reading