Where are The Democratic Election Attorney’s ?

The Republican legal machine has already filed protests in many states. I have one question: where is the Democratic legal team in every state? Where are the previously prepared responses that can activate within 2 hours? Anticipating the problems and challenges is the job of election observers and election attorneys.

Just like Obama had some pre-shot commercials ready to run immediately after some of the debates, we need predetermined positions for attorneys. That’s a good communications strategy and tactic. If you saw the movie “Recount’ you know the Republicans play for blood. In that election the Democrats played for fairness. Guess who got the election? How many lives might have been saved if we had simply had a junkyard dog like James Baker at the helm?

In 2004 John Kerry had hundreds of attorneys stationed around the states. But where were they while the voting was happening in Ohio? Where were they when Democratic voting precincts had two-three voting machines while white precincts had 3-4 times more? The precincts with the least machines had eager voters that stood in the rain for hours. How many gave up and didn’t vote? Why weren’t the attorney’s already at the courthouse, before noon for god’s sake,  filing protests and/or suits to cause a re-vote or launch some other tactic?

We have been put on notice in Ohio, where the Supreme Court overturned a federal circuit court, to allow 220,000 registrations to stand. We lost in Ohio by 275, 000 in Ohio in 2004. Do you think the Republican establishment won’t be thinking up more strategies in the next 18 days? Ohio, Virginia and Florida where suits have already been filed, is our advance wake up call.

We have to anticipate, have a counter strategy and have tactics in place that can be activated at the push of a button. So I ask again: Where are the legion of Democratic Election Attorney’s? Perhaps they’re in place and we don’t know it, but I sure as hell want to know if we’re ready for ‘Recount 2’.

Many of you may think I’m paranoid. With over 4,000 brave fighters sent home in caskets, you better bet I’m paranoid.

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