Pamela’s Wagon Train To Maine: The Saga Begins

So ok. It’s not a wagon train. It is though a completely stuffed SUV pulling a pretty big Uhaul trailer with a teenager, a cat, a friend driving and Pamela navigating. They are going somewhere the teenager has never been and Pamela left a long time ago. As far as I’m concerned that sounds like an adventure. She called a few moments ago and asked me to bring everyone up to speed.

They left  Los Angeles yesterday and just pulled out of Flagstaff, AZ a few minutes ago. Pamela suggested she nearly froze something off when they got into Flagstaff last night at 4:30 am. Flagstaff is at a pretty high altitude for those that haven’t been there.

She’s happy to be back on the road. The cat has adjusted, between bouts of hysteria, to the trip. Her daughter is enjoying the journey as she’s never driven cross-country. Imagine being a person old enough to appreciate it seeing America for the first time. It should be a great trip for Julie. (If you’ve never driven across this nation with plenty of time to look at the country, please give yourself a treat and do so. It’s reaffirms what we fight so hard to advance and defend.)

Pam swears she will eventually get back online. Eventually is the key word. And so goes the journey to Maine.

(It’s a long drive in some windy regions through the Midwest and they’re pulling a pretty good sized trailer. Keeping Pamela and her family in our thoughts isn’t the worst idea in town.)

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