Crunch Time

There’s a lot of good news. And, we shouldn’t forget that voting is already underway. I’ve got my Oregon mail-in ballot, and will vote tonight. What most impressed me was something I heard Cokie Roberts say on NPR yesterday: that the Obama campaign is the best-organized, most disciplined campaign she’s … Continue reading

Do as I Do, and Sometimes as I Say, Just Make Sure You Smear Obama

Sarah Palin is against robocalls… while doing them herself. She is also against the “atrocious and unacceptable things” some of her supporters have been yelling out at her rallies, vicious and violent slurs directed at Obama, calling them “unacceptable” (though claiming that she hasn’t actually heard any of them, which … Continue reading

Simply Unbelievable ‘Witches Against McCain’

The wacko fringe of the ‘Christian’ right is at it again with something so unbelievable that it defies all logic and humanity. Yes, witches in Africa are actively using satanic curses to jinx John McCain and support Barrack Obama. This is so bizarre you have to read it for yourself. … Continue reading

McCain Continues Retreating In Three States

George Stephanopoulos, ABC’s Chief Washington corespondent, reports from his brand new blog, George’s Bottom Line, that McCain has pulled out of Wisconsin and New Hampshere. The real news in this report is New Hampshire.  Last week he was campaigning in New Hampshire. While McCain has not pulled out of Colorado, … Continue reading

Extraordinary Early Vote In Many States Especially Florida

According to mixed wire reports, there were record crowds at all early voting locations.  Florida was the most active with people were waiting hours to vote. No major problems were reported. A final report of how many ballots were cast won’t be announced untii Monday by the county registrars. All … Continue reading

Judy Miller and Fox News, Made for Each Other

Want another reason not to watch Fox News? And another reason not to take it seriously? It has hired Judy Miller as an analyst. That would be Judith Miller, former New York Times reporter, Scooter Libby buddy, Ahmed Chalabi confidante, and Iraq War cheerleader. As the WaPo’s Howard Kurtz puts … Continue reading