Extraordinary Early Vote In Many States Especially Florida

According to mixed wire reports, there were record crowds at all early voting locations.  Florida was the most active with people were waiting hours to vote. No major problems were reported. A final report of how many ballots were cast won’t be announced untii Monday by the county registrars. All counties, Republican and Democratic, were reporting record numbers of people.

In Nevada, the Las Vegas early vote was approximately31,000 Democrats and 13,000 Republicans as of mid-day Monday. In the Reno area the same outcome was seen. Twice as many Democrats as Republicans had voted by mid-day Monday. Las Vegas, located in Clark County, and Reno, located in Washoe comprise 85% of Nevada’s population. Democrats, for the first time, have a registration lead over Republicans in Washoe County. Las Vegas has a substantial registration advantage.

West Virginia started early voting October 15. “It was long lines out the door all day long (last Tuesday),”said Gail White, Greenbriar County deputy clerk, adding that Wednesday was just as busy.

My opinion: Once again the GOTV, Get Out The Vote, will be the deciding factor in this Presidential Election. While there has been record new registrations in many states every new voter has to be tracked and then contacted to see if they voted by mail, took advantage of the early voting or need a ride to the polls for either early voting or on election day. Once again it comes down to Practical Politics, my favorite subject.

Take nothing, absolutely nothing for granted. Barack Obama may be running against the least qualified ticket in anyone’s memory but that means nothing in the last two weeks.  Anything can happen in the last few days.

Work Work Work Work Work. That’s the answer. GOTV.

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