Republicans In Civil War?

There are many signs of a Republican revolt. It ranges from wide spread dissatisfaction or outright conversion to the Democratic nominee Barack Obama. Yesterday the was the defection of CC Goldwater and her siblings. Even Neo-Con Ken Adelmann has switched reportedly switched to Obama along with Susan Eisenhower , a former constitutional legal counsel to two Republican presidents Doug Kmiec ,former Congressman Jim Leach, former Senator Lincoln Chafee, Congressman Wayne Gilchrist and the list goes on. Now we find a comprehensive story about the apparent Republican civil war at the Politico.

According to a dishy piece in the Politico, “One well-connected Republican in the private sector was shocked to get calls and resumes in the past few days from what he said we were senior McCain aides.” <> ““If you really want to see what ‘going negative’ is in politics, just watch the back-stabbing and blame game that we’re starting to see,” said Mark McKinnon, the ad man who left the campaign after McCain wrapped up the GOP primary. “And there’s one common theme: Everyone who wasn’t part of the campaign could have done better.”

“The cake is baked,” agreed a former McCain strategist. “We’re entering the finger-pointing and positioning-for-history part of the campaign. It’s every man for himself now.”

Barry Goldwater Jr. did push back against CC Goldwaters endorsement. He implied it was better to vote for McCain than to leave the Republican party  and have no impact on it’s future. (He also has critisims of Obama that are easy refuted. ) He seemingly contradicts himself since he endorsed Ron Paul ( video link) in the primaries. It doesn’t appear to be a true endorsement but a rationale for voting for McCain.

It appears that the Republican Party is, for this cycle at least, tearing itself apart. For a change they are in the “Circular Firing Squad”.

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2 Responses to Republicans In Civil War?

  1. bjerryberg says:

    Sorry to burst your Barack-bubble.It will take a lot of  fraud for the Wall Street/Washington Establishment choice–OBAMA– to carry Va.

  2. coldH2Owi says:

    bjerryberg:  nice try you moron.  Yeah, let us ReThugs make sure that Sen. Obama’s election is illegitimate, that’s the ticket.  Of course, a ReThug would know all about corruption.  Sen. Obama will carry VA because he is by far the better, more honest candidate.  On Nov. 5th we will be able to quote Tom Friedman (sorry, I too just threw up in my mouth when I type his name.) to the ReThugs:  Suck.  On.  This.