Emb-Racism, or Attack of the B-Girls

McCain in Virginia — Getty Images It is not, one supposes, egotistical to note that the story I told you here last Monday (“Holy You Betcha, Batman! It’s the Barracuda!” 20 Oct 2008.) is now confirmed on Saturday, after having become the subject of speculation throughout the bloviating class. To … Continue reading

Rep. Bachmann Issues Apology Commercial…But Not Really

Rep. Michelle Bachmann screwed the pooch on Chris Matthews Hardball last week suggesting that the press investigate the Congresspeople who were Anti-American. She was also concerned that Obama himself was Anti-American. (Anti-American members of Congress?) That charge started a deluge of donations for her opponent, Elwyn Tinklenberg, of over $1.4 … Continue reading

Make Health Care Like Baseball

New York Times Op-Ed piece yesterday by the unusual triumvirate of Bill Beane, Newt Gingrich, and John Kerry analogized the obsessive nature of baseball statistics to where we should head with health care.  Baseball has left simple batting and earned run averages for a next generation of statistics including WHIP (walks and … Continue reading