A Numeric Picture Of The Barack Obama Ground Game in Ohio

If anyone needed any more evidence of the extraordinary ground game organization of the Barack Obama campaign check out this numeric.

Some numbers from an Obama campaign release on what its doing in Ohio:
340,846 — Number of doors knocked this weekend
483,473 — Number of doors knocked last week
1,098,777 — Total number of doors knocked in October
394,335 — Phone calls placed to fellow Ohioans by volunteers across the state
1,224,684 — Total calls made this month
38 — Farthest distance, in miles, that any Ohioan lives from a Campaign for Change office

Now imagine this level of volunteer enthusiasm and professional organization in battleground states and some Red states. This beats anyone’s ground game in any election.

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2 Responses to A Numeric Picture Of The Barack Obama Ground Game in Ohio

  1. alrudder says:

    YES!!!  I like the last statistic in particular.  No body in America should be farther than an hour form a campaign office.

  2. Obama was known as a master organizer before his national prominence. That early organization talent is certainly showing results. I wish we had the same stats from the McCain camp.