Joe Biden Tells 5th Grade Reporter What The VP Does (Video)

This is a great video. An elementary school in Palm Beach, Florida has their own TV news channel, The KEC News Report. They recruit their own grade school reporters, camera people, etc. They really do report the news. The news this day was the speech by Joe Biden at a campaign event.

Notice the competence of a 5th grader in getting some good footage while asking questions, and getting some advice from a reporter from the local channel 5. They also get good footage of the opening remarks from the VP nominee.

During an exclusive interview with Senator Joe Biden Damon poses a question to Joe Biden: “What does a vice-president do?”  Joe Biden gives a clear explanation of what the VP does on a daily basis in consultation with the President. Biden was taking the question as seriously as he would from any reporter.

Think a 5th grader can’t come up with a good question? This is 5 minutes long and worth every second. Notice at the end when the young man now pronounces Joe Biden as his ‘homeboy’. This is good education, obviously with great guidance from their teacher combined with good work by young Damon Weaver and his crew.  Frankly, I loved it. It’s better than I make it sound.

If you want to check out the other KEC TV news video’s covering the 2008 Presidential election, KEC TV has their own YouTube channel.

h/t to HuffPo

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