Electoral: Obama 286-McCain 163? (Video)

Per Chuck Todd at MSNBC here’s the latest on the possible variations on the electoral vote.

If this is true then there a blow out in progress for the Congress and potentially for the Senate. Remember, however, that people tend to vote one party for President and may vote for the other party for their home district congressperson. Working the down ticket races in, for example my home state of California where Barack Obama has a 27% point lead, is even more important. Remember how people can spit their vote.

The Democratic Party is not complacent or taking anything for granted. Barack Obama and the Party fully understand how quickly things can shift. The organization of the Obama campaign is a large part of their potential victories in states that were considered ‘safe’ Republican states. The Obama campaign will be working until the last poll is closed on Election Night.

We should be too. Whether you working in a local office or using their phone banking system….work!

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