Jury Finds Stevens Guilty!

84 year old Alaska Senator Ted Stevens was found guilty on all 7 counts of his indictment. He said, ‘This isn’t over yet’ according to CNN. All 7 counts were for some sort of financial corruption.

He sat expressionless as the seven verdicts were read out at the end of his trial, less than a day after the jury began deliberations from scratch because of a change in jurors.

After the second guilty verdict was read, Stevens’ lead defense attorney, Brendan Sullivan, patted his back, leaving his hand there.

Stevens has been in a very tight battle with Democrat Mark Begich. Statisically the race has been a dead heat.

Does this have any impact on Sarah Palin and her increasingly negative ratings? In the lastest Newsweek poll, 10-21, her unfavorables registered at 46% rating.

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