Take The Day Off For Obama

Earlier today I received a very persuasive, innovative email from the Barack Obama Campaign. They are promoting a new concept with this video: “Take The Day Off For Barack Obama

From the Obama Campaign: “This election will be decided by what this grassroots movement can accomplish on Election Day. We have volunteer shifts to fill throughout the day — make calls, knock on doors, and make sure your fellow voters get to the polls. No previous experience is required. Sign up now to take the day off and make history on November 4th.”

It’s the truth. Sign up here.

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7 Responses to Take The Day Off For Obama

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  2. ken althoff says:

    Hey, let’s take the day off!!!!  I guess those 5% of the “wealthy” can just stay there and run the show since they are such exploiters anyway.  The rest of the proletariat can go “agitate” to use an old Soviet term.THIS IS THE MOST INSANE PROPOSAL I HAVE EVER HEARD.  If it becomes a standard item in a coming socialst regime consider this—how will the recepients of increased government aid checks cash their checks as all the liquor stores will be closed.

  3. amy says:

    so basically slack off from making money for the day so you can help Obama win so he can then give you money somebody else earned while you were slacking off.  Why work when someone else will and I can get paid for it! How honorable.

  4. jr491 says:

    is this guy serious, lets start the socialism before he even gets elected. if Obama mama is so worried about the economy how many billions of us dollars are going to be lost because of Obama telling you to skip work or school to help him redistribute the wealth. WAKE UP VOTE FOR A HERO JOHN MCAIN

  5. Brianr54 says:

    Ken says “The most insane proposal I have ever heard!” Really?? Wow, you must have a low threshold for shock. This isn’t unheard of – many countries around the world allow voting day off; its hardly a radical or even new idea. Plus, this means you can go vote for McCain as well — somehow, implicit in your comment is that this would ONLY be for Obama supporters. And this claim that somehow MAJOR money will be “lost” is quite erroneous. Don’t you feel that even though we have become a nation that honors capitalism, that we can still be a democracy at the same time? Its not an either/or situation really. Support your country and get out and vote for WHOMEVER you like. Dont be so negative JUST because the “opposition” said it.

  6. Suzyqjustice says:

    Funny how the first 3 things that the Obama commerical to ‘lay out of work’ showed were  1. a couch  2. wii controller and then finally as an after thought…. an actual work desk?        So for those of you with no job who sit around on the couch all day and play wii, come on down…… we have your ‘redistribution’ check

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