Ten Post Round-Up: Big News In Digestible Bits (Monday, October 27th)

Well, look who it is?  I know, I’ve practically been a stranger, lately, but I’ve had a lot going on and found it difficult to find the time to blog, much less the motivation through reading what is becoming a severely contentious electoral race.  I’ve made some adjustments, having decided that I like blogging a lot more than some other things that require my attention.  Besides, like Phyliss Diller once said, “cleaning the house while there are children in it is like shoveling the walk while it’s still snowing”…it’s a no-win situation and blogging is loads more fun, let me tell ya.

I’m back with a vengeance with today’s Ten Post Round-Up.  For the uninitiated, the round-up is just a digest of the ten most interesting posts I came across in my reader, this morning.  For the record, I am purposely avoiding any posts that speak of the current candidates for election, particularly since most blogs are already digesting and investing so much time into such things.  This is a digest of news you might have missed while you were scarfing on Obamadrama, McCainiac antics, or watching the Palin Fashion squad.

It’s Monday and I it’s been awhile since we have had a visit from my favorite uncle.  Let’s see what Uncle Jay is up to, today: Uncle Jay Explains the News – Oct. 27, 2008

On with today’s round-up:

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